Name: Noah Quinones-Scott
Height: 5-1
Weight: 72 lbs.
DOB: 3/1/2006
Hometown: Woodside, N.Y.
Team/Club: Edge Taekwondo Academy
Coach(es): Master Sandy Arias
Other Career Highlights
  • 2018 Cadet National Team Member
  • 2018 USA Taekwondo All-American Athlete
  • 2018-US Open-sparring-black belt-33 kilos-gold
  • 2018-presidents cup- sparring-black belt-33 kilos-gold
  • 2018- national championships-sparring-black belt- 33 kilos- gold
  • 2018 Canada Open sparring black belt gold
  • 2017-US Open-sparring-black belt-33 kilos-gold
  • 2017-presidents cup-sparring-black belt-33 kilos-gold
  • 2017- national championships- sparring black belt - 33 kilos -bronze
  • 2017 Canada Open sparring black eblt gold
  • 2017 Toronto Open sparring black belt gold
  • 2016 Canada Open sparring poom gold
  • 2016 Toronto Open sparring poom gold
  • 2016-US open- sparring-black belt-33 kilos-gold
  • 2016-presidents cup-sparring-black belt-33 kilos- gold
  • 2016- national championships- sparring- poom - 33 kilos - did not medal
  • 2015-national championships- sparring- red -29 kilos - gold
  • 2015 Mexico Open PATU sparring red belt gold
  • 2015 Canada Open sparring red belt gold
  • 2015 Toronto Open sparring red belt gold
  • 2014 - national championships- sparring- blue- 29 kilos- did not medal
  • 2014 Santo Domingo Open sparring blue belt gold
  • 2014 Canada Open sparring blue belt gold
  • 2014 Toronto Open sparring blue belt gold
  • 2013- national championships- sparring- green belt- 19 kilos - silver
  • 2013 Toronto Open sparring green belt gold
  • 2012 - national Championships-sparring-yellow belt-19 kilos - gold
Personal: Started Taekwondo in 2011...Favorite Taekwondo Athlete: Maksim Khrantsov...Favorite Non-Taekwondo Athlete: Ryan Garcia (boxer)...Who is your biggest inspiration?: Master Sandy Arias...Favorite Foods & Drinks: My grandma's or mom's rice, beans and choice of meat...Favorite TV Show(s): I don't watch very much TV, maybe Spongebob...Favorite Movie(s): "Rocky" series...Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s): I like most genres of music...Favorite/Inspirational Quote: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, the hands can't hit what the eyes can't see" -Muhamad Ali...What is your proudest moment in Taekwondo to date?: Making the 2018 Cadet National Team
Did You Know?: I am funny and have many friends. I am also very shy.