Name: Lindsey Corrigan
Height: 5-1
Weight: 104 lbs.
DOB: 10/8/2004
Hometown: Napa, Calif.
Team/Club: Givans Taekwondo Academy
Coach(es): Master Givans and Master Miller
Other Career Highlights
  • 2019 PanAm Team member -49kg
  • 2019 US Open BRONZE -49kg
  • 2019 California State Championships GOLD -49kg
  • 2019 Washington State Championships GOLD -49kg
  • 2019 Oregon State Championships GOLD -49kg
  • 2019 WOT GOLD -49kg
  • 2019 TTVL GOLD -49kg
  • 2019 Arizona State Championships SILVER -49kg
  • 2019 Texas Open SILVER -49kg
  • 2018 Talent ID Best of Camp Athlete
  • 2018 Presidents Cup GOLD -44kg
  • 2018 US Open BRONZE -44kg
  • 2018 AAU Qualifiers BRONZE -44kg
  • 2018 California State Championships BRONZE -44kg
  • 2018 Las Vegas Open GOLD -47kg
  • 2017 US Open GOLD -37kg
  • 2017 Nevada State Championships SILVER -41kg
  • 2017 California State championships SILVER -37kg
  • 2016 US Open BRONZE -33kg
  • 2016 California State team member -33kg
Personal: Favorite Taekwondo Athlete: CJ Nickolas...Favorite Non-Taekwondo Athlete: Daniel Cormier...Who is your biggest inspiration?: My Parents and Coaches...Favorite Foods & Drinks: Watermelon and Liquid IV...Favorite Book: 13th Reality...Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars...Favorite Movie: The Karate Kid...Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s): Swae Lee and Logic...Favorite/Inspirational Quotes: "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon." -Brant Paul...What is your proudest moment in Taekwondo to date?: Winning the US Open in 2017.
Did you Know?: I commute 1-2 hours almost every day to train.