Nickname: Tiger Bear
Height: 6:0
Weight:  154
Coach: Georgie Martinez Sr.

Club:  Martinez Brothers
Year started taekwondo: 2001
High School: Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (RMSEL)

Favorite books are the Hunger Games trilogy, False Memories, The Fire Within and Tunnels...enjoys camping, hiking, rock climbing, watching movies and hanging out with friends…in 2007, Gibran crawled inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza, Egypt…favorite TV shows are That 70’s Show, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Bones, Falling Skies, and Supernatural…eats Alfredo pasta before competition...favorite athletes are Servet Tazequl, Usain Bolt and DeSean Jackson…took part in International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) 2009. He has modeled and done stage acting, and was also selected for Nickelodeon Sitcom Pilot…favorite quote: “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway.”: Susan Jeffers


2013  USAT National Championships (Junior middle): GOLD
2013  USAT National Team Member (Middle)
2013  AAU Junior National Championships (middle): GOLD
2013  AAU Regional Qualifier (middle): BRONZE
2013  Colorado State Championships (middle): GOLD

2012  AAU National Team Trial (middle): 2nd place B Team Member
2012  AAU Junior National Championships (middle): GOLD
2012  AAU Regional Qualifier (middle): GOLD
2012  Colorado State Championships (middle): GOLD

2011  AAU Regional Qualifier: GOLD
2011  Colorado State Championships: GOLD

2010  USAT Rocky Mountain Open: GOLD
2010  USAT Rocky Mountain Grand Championship Juniors
2010  Colorado State Championships: GOLD

2009  USAT Rocky Mountain Open Sparring: GOLD
2009  AAU Regional Qualifier Sparring: SILVER
2009  AAU Regional Qualifier Poomsae: SILVER
2009  Colorado State Championships Sparring: BRONZE
2009  Colorado State Championships Poomsae: GOLD

2008  Colorado State Championships Sparring: SILVER

2007  AAU Regional Qualifier Sparring: GOLD
2007  Colorado State Championships Sparring: SILVER
2007  USAT Rocky Mountain Open Sparring: BRONZE

2006  Colorado State Championships Sparring: GOLD
2006  Colorado State Championships Poomsae: GOLD
2006  USAT Regional Qualifier Sparring: GOLD
2006  USAT Regional Qualifier Sparring: BRONZE
2006  AAU Regional Qualifier Sparring: BRONZE
2006  AAU Regional Qualifier Sparring: BRONZE

2005  Colorado Open Championships Sparring: GOLD
2005  Colorado State Championships Sparring: SILVER

2004  Colorado Open Championships Sparring: GOLD
2004  Colorado State Championships Poomsae: BRONZE

last updated 9/10/13