Welcome to the USA Table Tennis 2800 Club portal where members get access to super premium content and events, specially curated for table tennis enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Your dream of getting to the 2800 level has finally arrived!


USA Table Tennis is proud to support our members who support our athletes.

What is the 2800 Club?
A new level of philanthropy that provides premium content and exclusive opportunities for USATT’s top donors. Members will have access to the best perks, programs, and benefits - all curated by USATT!


What will the funds be used for?
2800 Club donations will be used exclusively to support USATT’s elite athlete program. Be a part of the team that gets US to the podium!


Why does USATT need to raise money for its elite athlete programs?
USATT is one of the few National Governing Body's in the world that receives no government or Olympic Committee funding to directly support elite athletes. As a result, US table tennis players face significant development and competitive disadvantages.


What benefits do 2800 Club members receive?
Members will receive access to super premium content which may include:

Custom 2800 Club business cards;
Classroom sessions with top US and International coaches;
Fantasy camp with USATT’s High Performance Director, National Team members and coaches;
Fantasy coach for your team at major tournaments;
Access to watch Olympic and National team training camps;
Training session with top U.S. coaches before 5-star tournaments;
Warm-up partners at major 5-star tournaments (National and Junior Team, etc.);
Regional “match” coaching support at local tournaments;
Floors seats and other premium experiences at the Nationals and U.S. Open;
Massage therapy at major tournaments;
Meet-and-greet with Olympic and National Team members;
Bi-annual conference call with our CEO and select Board members;
Custom 2800 Club apparel;
Annual private reception with US National Teams and USATT Board;
Play select matches on Gerflor/equivalent at major 5-star tournaments; and
Access to purchase table tennis tickets and hospitality packages at the Olympic Games.


How do I join?
2800 Club members are expected to make a minimum annual tax deductible contribution of $2,800. Please use the PayPal link below or contact Teresa Benavides (Email or 719-866-4583, x. 2)

Please contact:

Gordon Kaye
CEO, USA Table Tennis

Gary Schlager
USATT Board Member