USA Table Tennis

Para Program Contact

  Jasna Rather
Para Program Director
Phone: 817-715-4062

Classification Contact and Information

  Sharon Frant Brooks

International Senior Table Tennis Classifier

USATT will not enter a player without US National Classification to International Para Event sanctioned by ITTF. Only US players seen by the US National Classifier and who receive US National Classification could be entered in the ITTF Para Tournaments by the USATT. 

If player has either National or International Classification, US Citizenship and does not represent any other country, same player could be entered by the USATT to ITTF Para Events. Please note that players could get classified in Factor 20 ITTF Para Tournaments and in some Para Regional tournaments (Factor 50 - Para Pan American Championships).

Click to view current Para Classified Report & US Players Classification List (updated 09-29-2017).

View important Classification Information regarding Eligibility:

If you haven't been classified or need an update please download these documents and then contact Sharon Frant Brooks at