2019 US Table Tennis Hall of Fame Dinner

From left to right: USATT CEO Virginia Sung accepting on behalf of Coach Li Zhenshi (Contributor), Sharon Frant Brooks (Contributor), Hall of Fame Presenter & Founder Steve Isaacson, Michael Ralston (Player), Richard Hicks  (Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award), Hall of Fame President Sean O'Neill, Presenter Rick Hicks. 

July 4, 2019 (Las Vegas, NV) - The US Table Tennis Hall of Fame would like to thank all the guests that attending the dinner at the Westgate Hotel on Independence day to honor this year's recipients.  Congratulations to Sharon, Coach Li, Mike and Richard.  USA Table Tennis and the Hall of Fame thank you for your years of dedication to the sport at the National and International level.  Your time and efforts along with your outstanding achievement make the sport what we are today!

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Michael Ralston – Athlete

  • National Singles Rankings: #3 in 1957 and #2 in 1961
  • US Open Men’s Singles Finalist – 1961
  • US Open Men’s Doubles Finalist – 1958 & 1959
  • US Open Junior Singles Finalist – 1961
  • US Open Boy’s Finalist – 1955
  • US Open Men’s Singles Semi-Finalist - 1956 (15 year old) and 1957 (16 year old)
  • US Open Men’s Singles Quarter-finalist – 1959, 1960, 1966

Zhenshi Li – Contributor (Coach)

  • U.S. Men's National Team Coach – 1991-1996
  • U.S. Pan American Coach – 1991 & 1995
  • U.S. World Team Cup Coach – 1995 - Bronze Medal
  • U.S. Men's Olympic Team Coach – 1992 & 1996
  • Coach at World Champions Table Tennis Academy


  • Men's Doubles World Champion - 1977 & 1981
  • Men's Team World Champion – 1975 & 1977 
  • World Cup - Men's Singles Silver Medalist - 1980
  • 10x Chinese National Champion - Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Teams

Sharon Frant Brooks –  Para Contributor

  • 1973 – Began as a volunteer for regional and national wheelchair games in all sport venues of the NWAA
  • 1975 – Founding member of a multi-sport program for the disable, the Delaware Valley Wheelchair Athletic Association, sports team – the Delaware Valley Spokesman, which did include a table tennis team.I was responsible to “coach” that team.
  • 1979 – Assisted in the organization of the NJ Wheelchair Athletic Association, including its nationally recognized wheelchair table tennis program supporting Paralympic national and international players and coaches
  • 1982 – Selected by the then National Wheelchair Athletic Association to be the team leader of the USA Table Tennis Team at the Pan American Wheelchair Games
  • 1982 – Team leader, USA Wheelchair Table Tennis team, World Championships, Stoke Mandeville, England
  • 1985 – 2002 – Appointed by the USTTA to present the concerns of the players with disabilities and was appointed Chairperson of the Disabled Players committee
  • 1985 – Selected by the American Wheelchair Table Tennis Association (AWTTA) to be the designated USA classifier in the new functional classification system
  • 1987 – 1988 – Coordinated the participation of the USA Table Tennis team of 24 wheelchair players at the World Wheelchair Table Tennis Championships in Brisbane, Australia.
  • 1988 –  Ran the first international wheelchair table tennis tournament held in the USA at Montclair State College in New Jersey.
  • 1990 –  Appointed a USA Team Leader for the US Disabled Sports Team, the first fully integrated disability sports team from the USA, with one of sports under her supervision being the Table Tennis team.
  • 1990 – Assen Hollandfirst training for Functional Classification for table tennis was held, and Sharon attended under the sponsorship of the American Wheelchair Table Tennis Association (AWTTA).
  • 1992 – Ran the first integrated team trials for all disabilities in advance of the Barcelona Paralympics.  in Philadelphia, during which the USA team was selected to the Barcelona Paralympics.  Also, the USA held its first International Classification training seminar at this event bringing in the then chair of functional classification from Holland to do so.
  • 1992 – The International Table Tennis Committee for the Disabled (later to become the ITTF Para Table Tennis Committee), identified as one of 10 internationally qualified classifiers, with only 4 not being from Europe, only one being from the Americas.  In that capacity, she was selected to be one of 6 international classifiers for table tennis at the 1992 European Championships for the Disabled in Salao, Spain and later the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics.
  • 1992 – As Chair of Disabled Players Committee of USATT, responsible for the US Open, which had historically run an Open Wheelchair event for many years, expanded to conduct a full Paralympic style classed, open, and team events tournament at its annual event.
  • International Classifier at the 1994 Pan American Table Tennis Tournament in Buenos Aires, the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games, at the 1999 Para Pan Am games in Mexico City, again in 2003 at the Para Pan Am games in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the 2007 Para Pan Am Games in Buenos Aires, and the 2011 Para Pan Am games in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the 2015 Toronto Para Pan Am Games.
  • Sharon served on the Wheelchair Sports USA Junior National Committee and was the Table Tennis representative on that committee from its inception until 2002.
  • She was inducted into the Wheelchair Sports Hall of Fame largely for her pioneering efforts that lead to the creation of the Junior Division of that body in 1991.

Richard Hicks – Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Over 80 World Men’s Singles Champion with the Gold Medal at the 2018 World Veterans Championships in Las Vegas 
  • Over 80 National Titles, with numerous Singles and Doubles titles from Over 40 to Over 80
  • 31x Indiana State Men’s Singles Champion (first in 1959, last in 2005), including 25 Consecutive Years (1963-1987)
  • MVP at the 1973 U.S. Open Team Championships with a 16-1 record 
  • 3x Member of U.S. National Team
  • Three years ranked in Top Ten in U.S., including #6 in 1965-1966
  • Former Canadian Men’s Singles Semifinalist and Mixed Doubles Champion
  • Numerous Regional Men’s Singles titles
  • 1973 and 1974 U.S. Open Parent–Child Doubles Champion with son Rick
  • USTTA National Tournament Director, 1969-72
  • Member of USATT Ethics and Disciplinary Committee 10 years
  • Longtime member of Hall of Fame Board
  • Ran ~85 USATT tournaments
  • Owner and operator of Indianapolis

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Lifetime Achievement Award: Danny Seemiller

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Contributor: Joe Newgarden 
Lifetime Achievement Award: George Brathwaite

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Official/Contributor: Si Wasserman 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Joseph R. "Tim" Boggan

2005 Program - Officials/Contributors: Richard McAfee and Marvin "Marty" Prager 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Leah Thall Neuberger and Thelma "Tybie" Thall Sommer

2004 Program - Players: David Sakai, Norbert Van de Walle, Lily Yip
Lifetime Achievement Award
: J. Rufford Harrison

2003 Program - Players: Eric Boggan and David Zhuang 
Contributor: Larry Hodges 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Marty Reisman

2002 Program - Players: Mike Dempsey and Wei Wang 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Dick Miles

2001 Program - Players: Scott Boggan and Richard Hicks 
Contributor: Thomas B. Miller 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Jimmy McClure

2000 Program - Players: Cheng Yinghua and Attila Malek 
Contributor: Robert "Bob" L. Green 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Sol Schiff

1999 Program - Contributors: Ying Chow "Y.C." Lee and Dr. Michael Scott 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Bobby Gusikoff

1998 Program - Player: Richard "Ricky" Seemiller 
Contributor: Richard "Dick" Evans

1997 Program - Players: Sydney Heitner, Judy Bochenski Hoarfrost, Sharlene Krizman Wilson 
Officials: Shonie Aki, Mal Anderson

1996 Program - Players: Angelita Rosal Bengtsson, Donna Chaimson Sakai 
Contributors: Herwald Lawrence and Neil Smyth

1995 Program - Players: Alice Green Kimble and Danny Seemiller

1994 Program - Players: Davida Hawthorne, Jack Howard, He Ja Lee, Wendy Hicks Stockwell 
Contributors: Steve Isaacson, Yvonne Kronlage, Mary McIlwain, Manny Moskowitz

1993 Program- Players: Patty Martinez Archer and Insook Bhushan 
Official: Fred Danner

1991 Program - Players: Garrett Gray Nash and Pauline Robinson Somael 
Contributor: Sanford Gross

1989 Program - Player: George Brathwaite 
Official: John Read

1988 Program - Player: Bobby Fields 
Official: Graham Steenhoven 
Contributor: Nippon Takkyu co., Ltd.

1987 Program - Players: Peggy Ichkoff, Connie Sweeris, Dell Sweeris 
Contributors: Houshang Bozorgzadeh and Tamasu Company, Ltd.

1985 Program - Players: Jimmy Jacobson, Barbara Chaimson Kaminsky, Edward Pinner, Cy Sussman 
Official: Joseph R. "Tim" Boggan

1984 Program - Players: Charles Burns, Douglas Cartland, Mae Clouther, Bobby Gusikoff, George Hendry, Mildred Wilkinson Shipman
Contributor: Bernard Hock 
Official: J. Rufford Harrison

1983 Program - Players: Sharon Acton, Valleri Bellini, Bernice Charney Chotras, Dal Joon Lee, John Somael

1981 Program - Players: Bernie Bukiet, Tibor Hazi, Erwin Klein, Reba Monness, Marty Reisman 
Officials: Otto F.J. Ek Carl Zeisberg
Contributors: P. Becker and Co. and Harvard Table Tennis Co.

1980 Program - Players: Laszlo Bellak, Peggy McLean Folke, William C. Holzrichter, Mildred Shahian, Thelma "Tybie" Sommer 
Officials: William Gunn and George Shein 
Contributors: William R. Price and John Varga

1979 Program - Players: Abe Berenbaum, Robert "Bud" Blattner, Emily Fuller, Dolores Probert Kuenz, Lou Pagliaro, Sally Green Prouty, Jessie "Jay" Purves, Marcus Schussheim 
Officials: Elmer F. Cinnater and Coleman Clark 
Contributors: Detroiter and General Sportcraft Co., Ltd.