Table Tennis Edge Brain Training App and Game - Returning Serving Update!!!

By Sean O'Neill/USATT | Jan. 31, 2016, 2:30 a.m. (ET)

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"Table Tennis Edge has hit a clear winner with their latest smart phone/tablet app!  As a coach, I am constantly telling my students to watch not only the paddle, but also the body position of their opponent prior to contact to help get a start on moving to where the ball will land.  The Table Tennis Edge App will help you improve your anticipation by looking for visual cues from Olympian William Henzell as he drives the ball to your backhand or forehand side.  

It is one thing to determine where the ball will go after contact or when it crosses the net, however the pro's view the visual cues prior to contact to get a jump on the competition.  This is where Table Tennis Edge will give you a boost to really play like a Boss!  Are you watching your opponent's shoulders, racket angle during backswing or maybe the distance between William and the ball as he is about to make contact?  Well, you should be and if you do you will be getting 1300 points a shot on this video game that requires patience, concentration and certainty.  It is a must download for anyone with a smartphone or tablet.  I require for all my students to use on a regular basis.  I can't wait until the Backhand attacks, Flip or Drop, and Serving versions come out!  Imagine how cool it would be to be able to upload your own shots to two locations and see what your opponents are seeing!  Great work gents!  Keep it up and we will be downloading all updates and enhancements!"  Sean O'Neill - 2 x US Olympian.

Please feel free to post images of your high scores to show you've got game!