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USATT Membership Program Update

By Gordon Kaye/USATT | Oct. 06, 2015, 5 p.m. (ET)

To the USATT Family,

It is my sincere pleasure to be writing to you today with some very exciting news, which coincidentally falls on the one-year anniversary of my tenure as the CEO of USA Table Tennis.

After spending the last six months studying many of the issues surrounding our membership program, I am pleased to inform you today that, at my recommendation, the USATT Board of Directors has approved a proposal to modify our membership levels to allow you, our members and key stakeholders, to better engage with the organization in a manner you see best.

The basis of the modification is to eliminate ratings fees. This will allow our more frequent users unlimited play in sanctioned events, while at same time allowing those who do not play frequently to “pay as they play” by providing unlimited access to tournament passes. We strongly believe that the flexibility in the new membership levels will increase the level and amount of play in USATT sanctioned events system-wide.

An additional benefit of the platform, which will go into effect on January 1, 2016, will be to allow leagues to apply for “sanctioning,” with those leagues engaging in the USATT ratings system as further outlined below. Leagues will not be required to apply for sanctioning however, and USATT, through an agreement with our new membership management partner, Simply Compete, will continue to support a league ratings system for leagues that prefer not to officially sanction those events.

The new membership levels are as follows (see chart below for pricing):

  • General Members. No ratings fees for USATT Sanctioned Tournaments, USATT Events (US Open, US National Championships), and/or USATT Sanctioned Leagues. USATT will continue to offer multi-year memberships under the “General Membership” category.
  • Associate Members. No membership fee. May pay on a per-event basis as outlined below. Associate Memberships will only be offered on a year-to-year basis, and Associate Members may not participate in USATT Sanctioned Leagues. (Please note that, in accordance with the USATT By-Laws, Associate Members may not vote in elections.)

The new membership pricing, which will go into effect on November 15, 2015, is as follows:

Membership Type



Adult 1-year



Adult 3-year



Adult 5-year



Junior 1-year



Junior 3-year



Collegiate 1-Year



Household 1-Year



Household 3-year









Tournament Pass (sanctioned)



Tournament Pass (USATT events)



Please note the following with regard to the timing and implementation of the new membership levels:

  • There is no additional fee for those members currently in good standing.
  • New membership rates will go into effect on November 15, 2015.
  • New 3-year, 5-year and lifetime memberships may not be purchased before November 15, 2015 (if you wish to purchase one of those membership levels before November 15, 2015, please call Andrew Horn at 719-866-4583, x. 5).
  • Contributor memberships are for those who are required to be, or wish to remain as, paying members of USATT (e.g. Coaches and Officials) but won’t be competing in sanctioned leagues or tournaments.
  • Memberships renewed or new memberships purchased between November 15, 2015 and December 31, 2015 will expire on December 31 of the expiration year. For example, if you purchase a new 1-year membership on November 18, 2015, your expiration date will be December 31, 2016.
  • You must be an Associate Member to purchase a tournament pass.
  • Ratings fees will be discontinued on January 1, 2016.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we will be working with tournament directors and our sanctioning coordinators to ensure proper implementation of the new fee structure.

As noted earlier, in January, USATT, in partnership with Simply Compete, will be assuming control of the League Rating system that was previously operated and managed by Robert Mayer. As part of this transition, USATT will now offer leagues the opportunity to operate as a “sanctioned league,” with the primary difference being that “sanctioned league” matches will now be factored in to USATT ratings.

In order to properly process league ratings, all league participants (whether sanctioned or unsanctioned) must be USATT Associate or General Members. USATT will be providing an on-line tool for participants and league directors to register and manage league participant membership data.

  • Unsanctioned Leagues will operate similarly to prior years and match results will not be included in the USATT ratings calculation. All league participants must, at a minimum, be USATT Associate Members, which is free. There will be no additional fees to the league or its members.
  • Sanctioned Leagues will allow leagues to apply match results to USATT ratings on a .5 multiplier basis (e.g., if a regular tournament point exchange was 8, the Sanctioned League point exchange will be 4). All sanctioned league participants must be USATT General Members. I will be updating our membership further on the League Sanctioning process in the coming weeks.

I would be remiss to not take this opportunity to thank Robert Mayer, who for years has dedicated his time, resources, and energy to operating our league system. The good news is that Robert will continue to be integrally involved in the development, deployment and operation of our new league rating systems. Robert, USATT’s league system would never have been successful without you.

With the US National Championships right around the corner in December, the Olympic Games less than a year away, and other new developments coming soon, I hope you share my excitement in what lies ahead for USA Table Tennis.

As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have.


Gordon Kaye
USA Table Tennis