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National Volunteer Coordinator - Opening Position

By Doru Gheorghe | July 30, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

National Volunteer Coordinator - Opening Position

USA Table Tennis is seeking candidates for a National Volunteer Coordinator

This position's primary responsibilities are to plan and organize volunteer programs associated with USA Table Tennis's board of directors, committees, and staff efforts. Individuals who are not selected for the primary position, but bring value, will be referred to the selected individual as possible assistant coordinators.

Compensation: This is a volunteer position with no direct monetary compensation other than for expenses.

Reports to: This position reports directly to the CEO.

Essential Functions

  1. Organizes, coordinates, and manages the recruitment of volunteers for the board, staff, and association programs.
  2. Recruits assistant coordinators as needed to assist in primary functions. Develops and implements system for coordinators to work together effectively.
  3. Maintains updated records on all volunteers, provides recommendations for volunteers for specific tasks, task forces or committees as requested by the staff and/or board.
  4. Sets up and attends volunteer meetings/teleconferences.
  5. Reports to staff and/or board on volunteer activities as needed.
  6. Recommends and develops ongoing volunteer utilization.
  7. Develops and implements a volunteer recognition program.
  8. Develops relationships with civic, social, and local organizations where appropriate to develop further volunteer base.


  1. Communication proficiency
  2. Collaboration skills
  3. Leadership
  4. Organizational skills
  5. Technical capacity

Candidates who meet the criteria may submit their application and resume to USATT, Sinton Rd, Suite 120, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, email:, by the close of business on October 30th, 2014.