Welcome to the homepage of Average Joe and Jane's - Not Your Average Table Tennis Tournament!

 USA Table Tennis and Cornilleau introduces “Average Joe & Jane’s…Not your average Table Tennis Tournament.” It gives players of all skill levels the chance to be a champion in a fun, social, and flexible tournament format! All you need is a table, a few players, and USATT and Cornilleau will help you with the rest!

The tournament starter kit boasts everything you need to get your tournament running- eight “Average Joe and Jane’s” branded Cornilleau paddles, 24 table tennis balls, branded medals, a promotional poster, and a tournament guide.” Average Joe and Jane’s” tournaments will also be listed on a specially branded web page and receive other digital/ social media promotional opportunities. Tournament starter kits can be purchased form USA Table Tennis.

Who can host a tournament?

You can utilize Average Joe & Jane’s Tournament to either start a new tournament series or complement existing tournaments. AJ&J’s is designed for:

  • Restaurants

  • Bar’s

  • Community Centers

  • Park and Recreation Departments

  • YMCA’s

  • State Agencies

  • Other community-Based Organizations

Navigate on the left to find all the information you need about Average Joe and Jane's events, how to start your own event, what you get in an Average Joe and Jane's Tournament Package and of course listings of Average Joe and Jane's upcoming events for those of you who are looking to swipe a championship title!

Please contact ratings@usatt.org for additional information and questions about AJ&J’s tournaments.