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What is the Hopes Program?

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)/USA Table Tennis (USATT) Hopes Program is a series of regional, national and international camps and competitions designed to spark motivation and interest for skilled and talented young table tennis athletes who have a love for table tennis and who wish to become high-level table tennis players.

Program Schedule - Regional Camps and Continental Qualifier

USA Table Tennis (USATT) announced today the schedule of domestic and international training camps including events for the 2019 ITTF World Hopes Program. Several regional events will be used to select the players for the USATT Hopes Week & Challenge, from where the presentatives from the United States for the ITTF North America Hopes Week & Challenge will be chosen, which will take in May 2019 in USA, based on professional evaluations and performance in training camps and designated qualifying competitions. This activity in USA will serve as qualification for the ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge in August 2019.

Qualification and Selection Procedures

Only US Citizens will be allowed to participate in the Hopes Regional Training Camps including a Hopes event. Proof of US Citizenship will be required for those entering the Hopes Regional Training Camp. Only US Citizens will qualify and be invited to the USATT Hopes Week & Challenge and the Continental ITTF North America Hopes Week & Challenge. Non-citizens may participate in the regional training camp and other events within in the tournament (if any), other than the Hopes event. 

USATT Regional Hopes Camps and Tournaments

- 19 -21 January - Sacramento International Table Tennis Association, CA
- 25-27 January - Spin & Smash Table Tennis & Ping Pong Center, OH
- 1-3 February - Kansas Table Tennis Association, KS
- 8-10 February - Westchester Table Tennis Center, NY
- 16-18 February - California Table Tennis Club, CA
- 22-24 February - Little Rock Table Tennis Club, AR
- 8-10 March - Maryland Table Tennis Center, MD
- 15-17 March - Austin Table Tennis Club, TX

Find all the information on Camp Schedule and Registration here.

USATT Hopes Week & Challenge
15-21 April 2019 - Sacramento ITTA, California - Domestic Hopes Camp + Event

ITTF-North American Hopes Week & Challenge
27 May – 2 June 2019 - Broward Table Tennis Club, FL - Continental Hopes Camp + Event

ITTF-Hopes Week & Challenge
August 2019 – World Hopes Camp + Event


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Distinguishing the Difference Between USA Hopes Tour and USATT Youth National Ranking Tournaments:

In general, there are several big differences between the ITTF/USATT Hopes 2019 program and the USATT Youth National Ranking Tournaments: 

  • For the ITTF/USATT Hopes just players born 2007/08 are allowed to play the tournament, in USATT Youth National Ranking Tournaments there is no age minimum or limit.
  • At the regional ITTF/USATT Hopes camps + tournaments most participants will “just” come from the specific region, means for example players from the east coast will normally not participate at the west coast or the opposite.
  • For USATT Youth National Ranking Tournaments, the tournament is based on the idea to bring together kids from all over the country, furthermore they can play the mini-cadet event, too, there. People can compare it more with an event like the US Nationals instead of putting it in relation to the ITTF/USATT Hopes program. • The USATT National Ranking Tournaments are an additional opportunity for young kids like Hopes to attend a national event on the highest level.
  • ITTF/USATT Hopes 2019 program results will not count for the USATT National Ranking Points System, the three combined events for this separate points system are the two National Ranking Tournaments (one in spring and one in autumn) and the US Nationals.
  • By having for the USATT Hopes Tour program several spots per gender to advance from the USATT Hopes Week & Challenge to the ITTF North America Hopes Week & Challenge and only 3 spots per gender will be used for the Top 3 finishers at the USATT Hopes Week & Challenge tournament, USATT can nominate more players per gender based on the sole discretion of USATT National Team Coach Pieke Franssen in consultation with the USATT High Performance Director Jörg Bitzigeio. The USATT Youth National Ranking Tournaments are an additional chance for players beside the ITTF/USATT Hopes camps + tournaments to present and recommend themselves for these spots and their performance (not only their result) can influence the decisions.