Club Affiliation Fee

  • $75.00 – 1 year

Club Affiliation Benefits

As an affiliated Club with USATT, you are eligible for the following benefits:

  • USATT Insider E-Newsletter every week
  • Club Insurance
  • Clubs may hold Sanctioned leagues tournaments with USATT approval
  • Clubs keep 10% of all USATT memberships sold. (Excludes Lifetime memberships and Tournament Passes)
  • Recognition of your club on USATT web site, Insider and USATT social media
  • Club is awarded a Charter of Club Affiliation Membership
  • Club resource manuals, including:
    • Club Handbook
    • Tournament Guide
    • USATT  Bylaws
    • Tournament Forms
    • Official Laws of Table Tennis

Club Affiliation Steps

1. Identify a club administrator
2. Club administrator must be SafeSport Compliant

- Complete and pass a USATT Background Check

  - Complete the SafeSport Training Certification

   3. Club administrator submits a declaration of SafeSport Compliance

  4. Club administrator submits club affiliation form

  5. Pays $75.00 annual club affiliation fee

  6. Club updated to USATT website

  7. Club administrator submits certificate insurance request form

  8. USATT issues an insurance certificate

Club Affiliation Request

Club Affiliation Form – Please complete the Club Affiliation form and email or mail in along with the payment to: 


To submit the Club Affiliation by email send to 

To pay the Club Affiliation fee over the phone call 719-866-4583 Ex. 4



4065 Sinton Rd. Suite 
120 Colorado Springs, CO 80907 

For further information, contact USATT at