Personal: I started playing table tennis when I was 5 years old , and when I was 12 I was selected by Beijing Team. I started to train as a professional table tennis player since then . All those years, I had many opportunities to practice with world class players such as Zhang Yining ,Ding Ning, have helped them prepare Super League matches in China. I also had the opportunity to go to Sweden and play league myself, start to seeing and observing the two different kind of training between China and Europe. Eventually, I came to US as a coach and I figure it out that I really needed to be educated before I educate others. So I decided go to school . Fortunately, I got in a top 8 University in China , study finance and literature at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and now I am taking MBA program here at Texas. All the experiences I had in the past benefits a lot now when I am coaching. I came back to America coaching at ICC table tennis center after I graduated. I have helped Lily and Jiaqi made to the 2016 RIO Olympics and now I am coaching for my own club in Bay Area.

Birthplace: Beijing, China
Current Residence: Bay Area, CA
Home Club: Champion Star International Academy
Number of Active Years Coaching and Coaches Stations: 5 years

Coaching Achievements:

- 2018 ITTF World Hopes Week and Challenge Bronze medal
- 2018 North American Hopes Qualification Gold Medal
- 2018 Canadian Cadet and Junior Open Cadet Girls Team Bronze medal
- 2018 US Nationals Hopes Gold medal
- 2018 US Nationals Cadet Bronze medal

What is your most memorable experience/result as a coach?

The most memorable experience as a coach is the entire process of player development. As a coach of young kids, you are not only the coach but a close friend, sometimes like their parents and a mentor of life.