Hometown: San Jose, California
Home Club: SVTTC (Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club)
Current School: Valley Christian School/8th grade
Coach(es): Steven Wang, Yaohui Xu, Rui Wang, Renrui Qin, Donglong Hao, Yanzhe Liu, Wenbo Guo
Style of Play: fast attack both wing looper
Grip: Shakehand
Sponsors: Butterfly

Greatest table tennis accomplishment?
2013 North America Cup Hopes Challenge Champion

How were you introduced to table tennis?
I was in a Chinese School but the Pingpong noise from the next door attracted my attention. I start loving the sport since then.

Any personal info you would like to share?
Food, guitar and computer games are all my favorite.

Any family members or relatives that play table tennis?
My grandfather is a great fan of table tennis.

Goals for the sport?
I want to be a table tennis Olympian representing USA.

Career choice/goals?
An engineer maybe. Not quite sure yet.

Favorite shot and serve?
Attack and loop from both backhand and forehand.
Long and fast serve to the bottom line on the other side of the table in right hand corner

Competition Record:
2019 U.S. Worlds Team Member
2016 U.S. Worlds Team Member
2016 U.S. National Cadet Boys Team Member
2015 U.S. National Junior & Cadet Boys Team Member
2014 U.S. National Championships - Men's 21 & Under Bronze Medalist, Cadet Boys Gold Medalist, Junior Boys 4th Place
2014 U.S. National Cadet Boys Team & Mini Cadet Boys Team Member
2014 Sacramento Open - Open Singles Champion
2014 U.S. Open - U13 Boys Singles Runner-up
2013 ITTF World Hopes Team Member
2013 ITTF North America Cup, Hopes Challenge - Boy's Singles Champion