Coach: Adam Hugh & Lily Yip
Handed: Right
Style of Play: 
All around attacker
Rubber: Butterfly Tenergy 05
Home Club:  Lily Yip TTC

How long have you been playing? 8 years

How did you get involved in the sport? Started with playing Canadian doubles with parents in the basement when Tina was about 6 years old.

Your best victory or tournament? Highest Rating to date? 2013 Cadet Girls Single Champion in 2013 North American Championships, Vancouver, Canada. Highest rating: 2332.

What are your Goals in the sport? Short term goal: Represent US for 2016 Olympics.

Who is your Favorite Player? Why? Favorite Player: Jorgen Persson (Swedish Table Tennis player). Why: He demonstrated good sportsmanship by giving the critical point to his opponent during a disputed point in 2000 Olympics Men's Single semifinal. He always maintains good composure.

Describe your game or playing philosophy. Maintain good composure Never give up Learn from winning or losing.

Competition Record:

  • 2016 US National Junior Girls Team member
  • 2014 US National Junior Girls Team B member 
  • 2013 US National Women Open Quarter-Finalist 
  • 2013 US National U-21 Women Semi-Finalist 
  • 2013 Canada ITTF Junior and Cadet Open Cadet Girls Singles Finalist
  • 2013 North American Championships - Junior team champion member 
  • 2013 North American Championships - Cadet Girls Single Champion 
  • 2013 US Open U21 Women – Quarter-Finalist 
  • 2013 US Open Cadet Girls Singles – First Place 
  • 2013 US Open Youth Olympic Trials: First place 
  • 2013 North America Cup – women’s 4th place 
  • 2013 US World Team Member 
  • 2013 US Nationals Junior Girls' Singles Champion 
  • 2013 US National Junior Girls' Team Member 
  • 2013 US National Cadet Girls' B Team Member 
  • 2013 US Nationals Women's Quarter-finalist 
  • 2012 North American Cadet Girls' Singles Champion 
  • 2012 US Cadet Girls' Team Member 
  • 2012 US Nationals Women's Quarter-finalist 
  • 2011 US Mini Cadet Team Member 
  • 2007 US Nationals Girls' 10 & Under Singles Champion