Class and Disability?  Class 10, polio

How did you get involved in table tennis?   I started playing with my brother at age 12

What are your goals in Para table tennis?   To win gold medal in Para Pan American Championship.

What is your favorite Para tournament and why?  Mike  Dempsey Tournament.   San Diego is very beautiful and the tournament was well run.  

What is your Training Schedule?  I play 3 to 4 times a week.

Who is your coach?   Wally Green and Kaz help me a lot.

Do you play any other sports?   I used to play softball.

What tips would you give to other Para hopefuls? Consider you are blessed, because you can accomplish great things even with disabilities. So Work hard, try your best and enjoy playing.

What parts of your game are you working on?   Better balance and returning serves.

Share your thoughts on your experience at the Mike Dempsey Memorial Tournament?  

I had fun playing the tournament, made friends from all over the world. The venue and the equipments were excellent. The hotel was great, the debit card used for meals worked out very well.

Best tournament results so far? 

Gold medal - US National Open Standing Disable, Las Vegas 2009 

Silver medal  singles class-10 at Copa Costa Rica 2011

Bronze medal (team) class-10 at U.S. Para Open, Milwaukee 2011

Bronze medal (team) class-10 at Mike Dempsey Tournament, San Diego 2012

What is next para tournament?  Para Pan American Championship in Brazil 2013