Coach: Joannie Fu


Zhuang graduated from Guangzhou High in 1981 were he competed for four years in table tennis and won several province men's singles champion titles. He continued to compete in table tennis while attending Guangzhou Sports College and graduated in 1985 with a bachelor's of arts degree in physical education. Is fluent in Chinese (Cantonese). His current occupation is table tennis player and coach. Hobbies include soccer, basketball and music. Favorite movie Titanic, and favorite television show is Seinfeld. Zhuang's role model is Michael Jordan because of his passion and hardwork he put forth for his sports as well as his talents and sportsmanship. His love and dedication to the sport of table tennis and how he always pushes himself to be the best in the hopes of fulfilling his dream and goal makes him unique. He applies the same principals of dedication and hardwork to his students that he coaches. His parents are Biao Ouan Zhuang (father) and Xue Fen Hua (mother). He has one brother Hao Xiang Zhuang. He and his wife, Joannie Fu, have two kids Zoe (10 years) and Cassidy (5).

Competition Record:
2008 - Member of the United States Olympic Team for Beijing, China
2000 - Competed in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia
1999 - Pan American Games (Winnipeg, Canada) - gold medal in men's singles and team
1996 - Competed in the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Ga.