• 2015 US Open, gold (class 6-7 singles)
  • 2015 Romania Open, gold (class 7 team)
  • 2014 Slovakia Open, bronze (class 6 team)
  • 2013 Para-PanAmerican Championships, bronze (class 6-7 team)
  • 2013 Mike Dempsey Memorial, bronze (class 6-7 team)
  • 2013 US Open, gold (class 6-10 singles)
  • 2013 Slovakia Open, bronze (class 6 team)
  • 2012 Mike Dempsey Memorial, silver (class 6 singles)
  • 2011 US Open, silver (class 6-8 team) 

Class and Disability: Class 6, dysmelia of all 4 limbs 

How did you get involved in table tennis? My dad played as a hobby.
What are your goals in Para table tennis? To win the World Championships and the Paralympics.
What is your favorite Para tournament and why?  Mike Dempsey Memorial because it's the only one I've played in.
What is your training Schedule?
 Head to my local club every day it's open (three days a week), stay there until it closes, play as much as I can.  
Who is your coach?
 Wei Wang
Do you play any other sports? No
What tips would you give to other Para hopefuls?  Play smart, get comfortable playing against long pips, and always keep a cool head.
What parts of your game are you working on?  Footwork and consistency.
Share your thoughts on your experience at the Mike Dempsey Memorial Tournament?  I had a wonderful time!  I played well and got to meet loads of really interesting and cool people.
Best tournament results so far?  Men's Singles Class 6 Silver at the Mike Dempsey Memorial Table Tennis Championships.
What is next para tournament?  Hopefully the Para-Pan-Am Championships

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