Class and Disability: Class 8, Amputation of left leg above knee 

How did you get involved in table tennis? I started to play table tennis at home when my parents and older brother played with me. 

What are your goals in Para table tennis? My goal is to compete in the Paralympics. 

What is your favorite Para tournament and why? My favorite Para tournament is Mike Dempsey Memorial Table Tennis Championships. I had a chance to work with some world-class coaches, make some new friends and also had a great time in San Diego. 

What is your training Schedule? I play table tennis with my twin brother, Chris, for one hour daily at home. I train Saturday afternoons at table tennis clubs in New York. 

Who are your coaches? Shao Peizhen and Gao Yanjun 

Do you play any other sports? I used to swim and compete in Track and Field. 

What tips would you give to other Para hopefuls? Practice a lot and try you best during the competitions. Also try to use the disabilities of other people against them. 

What parts of your game are you working on? Recovery from a loop and the rally afterwords. 

Share your thoughts on your experience at the Mike Dempsey Memorial Tournament?

I thought that it was a great experience. More specifically I found the tournament fun and enhancing to my skills. It also was a great opportunity to see some amazing people, including players in Class 8. 

Best tournament results so far? I won a bronze medal in Men's Teams Class 6-8 at 2011 US Open in Milwaukee. 

What is next para tournament? I will be competing in 2012 US Nationals in Las Vegas for both the able and disabled events.