Personal: Qi Wei started playing table tennis in China since he was 7 years old. He went to ShiChaHai sports school when he was 10, a well-known sports school training future professional atheles. When he was 13, he joined the Beijing Providence Team and trained and played there for about 5 years. He came to US in 2011 to train the US champion Ariel Hsing and other US top juniors at the Palo Alto Table Tennis Club to prepare them for the World Table Tennis Cup and the Pan Am Game. Qi Wei moved to Rochester, MN to be the head coach for the Rochester Table Tennis Club. He became the US National Coach in 2016 and led the US Boys Junior Team at the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in Cape Town. Today, Qi Wei coaches at both Rochester Table Tennis Club and his own club XNT5.

Birthplace: Anhui, China
Current Residence: Rochester, MN
Home Club: Rochester Table Tennis Club (RTTC) and XNT5
Number of Active Years Coaching and Coaches Stations: 7 years at RTTC and XNT5

Coaching Achievements:

  •  Ariel Hsing and Timothy Wang: 2-time Mixed Doubles Champion at US National -2011, 2012, 2013
  • Ariel Hsing and Yuan Xiao Jie: Mixed Double Finalist at US Open - 2013
  • Michael Tran: Mini-cadet Semi-Finalist at US National – 2013, 2014
  • Michael Tran: Cadet Boys Team Trial Semi-Finalist at US National - 2015
  • Michael Tran: U13 Semi-Finalist at US Open - 2015
  • Daniel Tran: U2000 Div E Champion at US National - 2015
  • US National Coach since 2016
  • Daniel Tran: 10 and under Semi-Finalist at US National – 2016
  • Michael Tran: ITTF World Hopes Trial – Singles Silver - 2014
  • Michael Tran: 2-time Minnesota State Champion - 2015, 2016
  • Led and Coached the US Boys Junior Team at World Junior Championships – 2016
  • Member of US coaching team for the Supercamp - 2017

What is your most memorable experience/result as a coach?

Coaching the US Boys Junior Team at the World Junior Championships at Cape Town, South Africa in 2016