*New Scoring Programs & New Forms for 2018 will be up shortly!*

***Best practice is to register the software under the club or association name (or the entity the program is purchased for). If an issue arises with the computer the software is downloaded to, or a scorer is replaced and the program is on their computer, please call customer service to get the new computer functional and the old one deactivated.***

To be able to run any Synchro competition you will need forms to get the information from the people on deck to the scoring personnel so they can tabulate the scores using the CTSynchroMM scoring program.  Listed below is everything you should need to run any level meet for your small local competition to a large national competition.

If you have any questions, please contact Pete McGeoch by email or 518-339-9795.

General Forms

Form 109 Figure Rotation Map 2 Panels

Form 110 Figure Rotation Map 4 Panels

Form 117 Meet Entry Form

Form 118 Multiple Club Combination Entry Form

Age Group / Intermediate / Novice Competition


Junior / Senior Competition

Junior-Senior Meet Forms

Form N101 Individual High Point US Nationals

Form N102 Team High Point US Nationals

Collegiate Competition

Collegiate Meet Forms

Form C102 Collegiate Overall Institution Award

Form C103 Collegiate Other Awards

Masters Competition

Masters Meet Forms

Form M313 Masters Team High Point