USA Softball owns or has the right to control many trademarks or logos, including the graphics above and below phrases.  Under federal law, USA Softball has the right to use and control the commercial use of trademarks and logos relating to USA Softball. In addition to the logos above, USA Softball also has the right to control logos and word marks associated with the USA Softball brand and the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex.

Trademarked Words and Phrases

USA Softball owns many federal trademark registrations and applications of word marks including, but not limited to:

  • ASA Softball ®, USA Softball ®, ASA/USA Softball®, Amateur Softball Association ®
  • Softball Capital of the World ®
  • USA Softball International Cup
  • Road to Oklahoma City ®
  • Mecca of Softball
  • ASA ®
  • ASA Certified ®
  • ASA Umpire ®
  • Balls and Strikes ®
  • Certified ASA Softball ®
  • Softball…The Game America Plays! ®

Why does USA Softball trademark logos and phrases?

The USA Softball logo is one of our greatest marketing assets as it represents our organization to the softball community, sports industry, sponsors and the general public.  Our brand also makes the connection between the National Organization and our Local Associations while promoting our link to the USA Softball National Teams.  

Protecting the USA Softball brand also helps in the support of the USA Softball National Teams as USA Softball receives support from sponsors, suppliers, licensees and donors.  Official USA Softball partners provide critical funding for athletes and athlete programs and, in exchange for their support, are allowed to use USA Softball trademarks to convey their link to our organization.  

When there is unauthorized use of USA Softball trademarks without authorization, USA Softball's brand is threatened as this creates the illusion of non-exclusivity to partners of those rights.  It is vital that USA Softball protects our partners rights. 

How does USA Softball protect its trademarks and copyrights?

Federal law gives USA softball the exclusive right to control the use of the USA Softball trademarks, logos and terminology and allows USA Softball to file a lawsuit against any entity using USA Softball trademarks, logos and terminology for any use without express written consent.  USA Softball is committed to protecting its property and rights and those of our partners.