USA Softball Branding and Style Guides

The USA Softball logo is one of our greatest marketing assets as it represents our organization to the softball community, sports industry, sponsors and the general public.  Our brand also makes the connection between the National Organization and our State/Metro Associations while promoting our link to the USA Softball National Teams.

In order to maintain its integrity and the equity that we have established with this mark, it is important to position it in a proper manner as outlined in the USA Softball Official Style Guide.

Careful application of these brand identity guidelines will effectively differentiate, protect and strengthen the USA Softball brand.  The USA Softball Official Style Guide outlines the appropriate uses of the USA Softball logo in a variety of applications.  Your commitment and support will contribute to the long-term, overall growth and development of the USA Softball brand.

To utilize the logo, please complete and return the USA Softball Marks Application Form for each instance in which you'd like to utilize the USA Softball logo.  The form may be emailed to Dre McKee, Director of Marketing, at

USA Softball and/or the respective Local Association must approve each usage of the logo.  Once the Marks Application Form is received, it will be reviewed and if approved, the logo will be emailed to the applicant.

As a member of USA Softball, members are permitted use of the official USA Softball Member Badge, which proudly identifies them as a member of the National Governing Body of Softball.

The USA Softball National Championship logo was instituted beginning in the 2019 Championship season to ensure that all USA Softball National Championships are positioned across all communication platforms in a powerful and consistent manner.  

The USA Softball National Championship Style Guide is intended to provide trademark reference information, and serves as a manual to ensure that USA Softball National Championships are positioned across all communications platforms.

Only USA Softball National Championship hosts are permitted to use the USA Softball National Championship logo to promote their respective National Championships.  If you are a National Championship host, please contact Julie Whiteaker for further information.

If you are interested in hosting a USA Softball National Championship, please contact your State/Metro Association for information on the bidding process.