Name: Dusten Rutt
Position: Outfield
Hometown: Ephrata, Pennsylvania
World Championship Experience
  • First-time Men's National Team member (2022)
Other Career Highlights
  • 2022 Pan American Championship: Scored three runs on three RBI in five games played

What does it mean to play USA Softball? It is the highest honor to be selected as a member of the Men's National Team to represent Team USA on the international stage.

What is your favorite thing about Men's Fast Pitch? Men's Fast Pitch has allowed me to extend my playing career after college and transition into a sport that incorporates a very fast paced environment, which makes the game so competitive at the highest levels. 

What would you tell someone who wanted to know more about Men's Fast Pitch? Attend a tournament and become invested in the game. Men's Fast Pitch is an underrated sport and needs more support. 

If you could give young softball athletes one piece of advice, what would it be? Aim high on the rise ball. Try to get on top of it. 

What is your most memorable moment on the softball field? Robbing a home run at the 2020 USA Softball Men's Major Fast Pitch National Championship. We were playing at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium where fences don't break away or flex at all, which made the catch that much more special when flipping over the wall.