USA Softball

Annual USA Softball Council Meeting

Annual USA Softball Council Meeting

Each year, USA Softball conducts an Annual Council Meeting where members from across the country come together for a week of meetings to evaluate the needs of the organization, award National Championship hosts and discuss proposed rule and code changes for all divisions of USA Softball.

The National Council, which consists of USA Softball Commissioners or Commissioner Emeritus, Executive Director Emeritus, Council Member Emeritus, Regional Player Representatives, At-Large Player Representatives, Junior Olympic Commissioners, Regional Umpire-In-Chiefs, Allied Members, Elite Athlete Reps, and Past Presidents, are charged with making decisions on legislative changes, rule changes and is solely responsible for awarding National Championships to host cities across the country. 

Future USA Softball Annual Council Meetings:

2023 USA Softball Annual Meeting
The 2023 USA Softball Annual Council Meeting will take place Oct. 28 - Nov. 1 in Oklahoma City, Okla. at the Oklahoma City Convention Center.

2022 National Softball Hall of Fame Induction

The 2022 Hall of Fame Class was honored during the 2022 USA Softball Annual Council Meeting on Nov. 12, 2022.

Members of the 2022 National Softball Hall of Fame Class include: Brett Helmer (Slow Pitch Player), Christan Dowling (Slow Pitch Player), Rusty Bumgardner (Slow Pitch Player), Cat Osterman (Fast Pitch Player), Debbie Doom (Fast Pitch Player), George Nokes (Fast Pitch Player), Jeff Peck (Fast Pitch Player), Steve Shortland (Manager/Coach), Jeff Hansen (Umpire), Mike De Leo (Meritorious Service) and Al Savala (Sponsor).