USA Roller Sports recognizes the importance of Athlete Safety and the significant responsibility it holds regarding the validation of members being  in “Good Standing” within the organization for all levels of participation.

As members it is important to understand, that while there are a number of individuals and systems that are part of the process in assuring a membership is in “Good Standing”, that in the end you and you alone are responsible for your membership and participation.   Completing and paying the associated fees via the RSportz membership data base is not the lone step in the process and does not guarantee automatic recognized participation.

As such, the organization has developed a multi-tier membership system to recognize members who have gone through the entire validation process.   


Tier 1:  Membership is not “Official” until the following has been completed


1.            The member has completed their online membership profile through the RSportz membership data base.

2.            The member’s membership dues are paid for the current season.

3.            The member is not currently on a suspension status with USA Roller Sports or the US Center for Safe Sport.

4.            The member must agree and adhere to all policies, general rules, required agreements and the bylaws of USA Roller Sports, the US Center for Safe Sport and the United States Olympic Committee.

5.            The member is in good financial standing overall with the organization and that no fees are owed to USA Roller Sports for past events, team participation, travel, or other related expenses for which the organization has incurred on behalf of the member.   (Note:  Approved Payment Plans are recommended and recognized as a method of “Good Standing”)6.            If serving in a position such as an coach, official, committee member, Executive Board member, employee or member who has frequent contact with athletes:  The member must have valid/current Safe Sport Training and completion of their Criminal Background Check through the National Center for Safety Initiatives.

It is also important to understand that your sport discipline may have additional rules or requirements specific to the discipline.   As such, it is important that you understand all of those general rules and how they may affect your participation.


Tier 2: All items must be completed within Tier 1

1.            The member becomes officially in “Good Standing” with all membership privileges and the ability for full participation once their name appears on the weekly posting of the downloadable Excel spreadsheets via the USA Roller Sports website under the Active Members/Clubs section of the website.

2.            The Active Members and Clubs downloads are posted by 2:00 P.M. central time every Friday.  All member information and requirements in Tier 1, must be completed by 12:00 P.M. central time on Friday in order to make the weekly Active Members/Clubs posting.

3.            Meet Directors, Coaches, Officials and USA Roller Sports Employees should not honor any level or associated activity with regard to the members participation unless the member’s name is viewable via the weekly downloadable Excel spreadsheets, and the valid posting date is current to the sanctioned USA Roller Sports programs for that specific week.


Understanding that issues do occur, and that no system is perfect, USA Roller Sports is here to assist.  Should you find yourself in a situation where you believe your name not appearing on the Active Member/Club listing occurs, please do not hesitate in reaching out to the USA Roller Sports headquarters for assistance.   We’re here to help!