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Rink hockey, a sold out spectator sport in the 1992 Olympics, is internationally played in over 50 countries. World Championships are held annually for School Boys, Junior, Ladies and Senior Divisions along with intercontinental cup tournaments. The United States is divided into six Rink Hockey regions, North West , South West, North Central, South Central, North East and South East. Tournaments are frequently held across the United States and each year there is a "open" National Championship where the only requirement is proper equipment, an USA Roller Sports Hockey Card and the team entry. National Championship Divisions include, Pee Wee, Midget, Freshman, Junior, Ladies and Senior Bronze-Silver-Gold. Each Rink Hockey Region has a Regional Representative who can be contacted for information including seminars, tournaments, equipment etc.


  • The first recorded Rink Hockey game was played in 1878 at the Denmark Rink in London, England*
  • It was first known as "Roller Polo" because the skaters copied polo.*
  • Hardball Roller Hockey was introduced into the U.S. in 1882 with the formation of the National Roller Polo League in Dayton, Ohio, with teams in seven cities.*
  • Rink Hockey is a non-contact skill sport
  • Tight turns, quick starts and stops
  • Ten players per team, goalie and four on the floor
  • Two periods, 15 to 25 minutes each, depending on division of play
  • Advantage Rule: play should continue if transgressor's team would benefit from stoppage
  • No kicking the ball, only using the stick is allowed



*James Turner and Michael Zaidman, "The History of Roller Skating" at 73.

CIRH Comite Internationale De Rink - Hockey (International Governing Body of Roller Hockey)


Updated 12/08/2016