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Safe Sport Initiative - Ultimate Goal Is To Protect Youth - May 10th, 2017

2017 Safe Sport Comprehensive Overview USA Roller Sports with reporting information



USA Roller Sports (USARS) is committed to maintaining cooperative work, training and sports environments in which there exists mutual respect for all athletes, coaches, judges and other officials, and for all USARS directors, officers, employees and volunteers. USARS is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its athletes and participants involved in sport, free of misconduct. Engaging in misconduct, which is contrary to USARS policy of equal employment and sports opportunity without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship, religion, race, disability or national or ethnic origin, will not be tolerated within USARS.

For purposes of this Safe Sport Policy (the “Policy”), misconduct is identified as the following six primary types of misconduct:

  • Sexual misconduct (including child sexual abuse)
  • Emotional misconduct
  • Physical misconduct
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Hazing
  • Other USARS policies, procedures and codes, including, but not limited to, the USARS Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, may deal with other forms of conduct that are prohibited and that are subject to action by USARS for violation of such policies, procedures and codes.


    It is a violation of USARS policy for any director, officer, employee, volunteer or member to engage in any form of misconduct as identified by this Policy, including harassment of any kind based on age, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship, religion, race, disability, or national or ethnic origin. It is a violation of USARS policy for any such person to engage in any such conduct towards any person participating in any event, training camp or competition conducted or sanctioned by USARS or the Unites States Olympic Committee (USOC). It is also a violation of USARS policy to retaliate against any person for raising an allegation of misconduct or for filing a complaint alleging any such action.


    Every person who is subject to this Policy must report violations of this policy and suspicions or allegations of misconduct. Such reports may be made by contacting any of the following: the USARS Executive Director, any USARS officer or director, any Team Captain or Team Manager and, where applicable, appropriate law enforcement authorities.

    USARS recognizes that it can be difficult to report an allegation of misconduct and strives to remove as many barriers to reporting as possible. Anonymous reports may be made verbally or in writing.

    All alleged violations of this Policy will be submitted to a hearing panel appointed by the USARS Board of Directors for resolution pursuant to the complaint procedures set forth in Article XI of the USARS Bylaws, as well as GR12.00 and GR13.00 of the USARS General Rules (available on the USARS website).

    The hearing panel will determine whether a violation of this Policy has occurred and if so what discipline is warranted. Such discipline may include immediate termination of employment, immediate dismissal from a USARS training camp, event or program, or a USARS or USOC sponsored team, being precluded from participating at USARS or USOC sanctioned events or other competitions, and being sent home at such person’s own expense.



    For guidance and questions regarding the USARS Safe Sport Policy please contact the Executive Director of USARS.

    USA Roller Sports
    4730 South Street
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
    P: 402.483.7551
    F: 402.483.1465

    Receiving Safe Sport Certification

    In the world of assuring safety to our membership today, everyone from a coach, to an official, to a volunteer, to the parents/guardians and most of all our athletes….especially those of minor age, need to be informed, trained and understand how to identify and report concerns.

  is the recognized training by the United States Olympic Committee for all National Governing Bodies.   


    The training is free and open to anyone associated with USA Roller Sports, including non-members.    It’s better to Lead and not Follow regarding this most critical of matters, and USA Roller Sports encourages you to be a personal individual leader when it comes to the topic of SafeSports and youth protection.


    To complete the training follow the instructions below. 

    • Go to the link
    • Click log in on the top right corner of the page 
    • If you are a new member, click register
    • Fill out all of the personal information
    • When you come to the add membership part, search for USA Roller Sports
    • Click on USA Roller Sports and enter the code TE9X-XP33-S4HE-29JT to join
    • Once you have registered, you will have to check your email, and confirm your new account
    • Once your account is confirmed, you can log in, and start your training