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If you are not already aware, USARS has a new membership registration system.  This new system allows members to register their clubs, coaches, officials and members online.  Because this is new to us we have discovered some kinks and bugs that need to be worked out.  The USARS staff are working diligently, with the development team, to make sure the system is easy to use and has all the functionality our members and staff require.  While we work through this we ask for your continued patience.  Improvements are happening continually and we welcome feedback and thoughts to help improve the system.  Listed below are a couple features that are available with RSportz that will be beneficial to USARS Members, along with some information about the system.


  1. We are requesting all clubs, coaches, officials and skaters register online, as it is easier and quicker than sending in paper applications to the office.  Once payment is processed online your membership is valid instantly.  It can sometimes takes up to 5-7 days to process paper applications once received.
  2. Once registration and payment are complete, clubs and all members can upload a photo to their account and profile.  Please restrict these pictures to be club icons for clubs and headshots for members. Clubs can print or download their Club charter certificate and members can print or download their membership cards
  1. Once registered members can add in stats and also will have the option to connect their account to personal social media pages. 

  2. When registering a club only one club officer will need to be attached to the club account, and the club account will be attached to that club officer’s personal account, so they can manage the clubs information, additional club officers can be added to the club account to help manage, after registration is complete.

  4. All membership numbers will change in the new system, all previous membership numbers will now be void.  All clubs will be assigned a new Club ID when registering, but it will be changed back their old USARS club ID (state abbreviation- 3 digit number- sport abbreviation) after registration is complete
  5. Each member will have their own account/profile, and every individual account will be attached to that members individual email address, so no accounts can share an email address, unless an adult/parent adds a child/minor membership to their account. 
  6. Once registered you will receive an email from RSportz/USARS.  Members will need verify their new account and email address, to complete the registration process.  If you don’t receive this email, or you think you may have deleted it, please contact the USARS staff.

Speed and Figure- Kevin Kmetz- 402-483-7551 Ext. 20

All other Sports- Brent Benson- 402-483-7551 Ext. 13



Our public membership directory is now live and showing all current members.  We are currently working with RSportz to change the search fields in the directory to better fit our system, once those changes are made you will also be able to also search by sport, and membership type.  Members can find this the directory by clicking on the MEMBERS tab on their Membership dashboard or Universal Athlete Profile, after they have logged into the RSportz/USARS system.




USARS has made some changes to the limited membership option.

This membership is designed for Speed and Figure memberships only, and can now be used by all members for all sanctioned league, invitational contests, and at Regionals for Non-Qualifying events. Members will need to upgrade to a full membership if they enter and compete in any qualifying events.  Members must indicate between Figure or Speed, this membership will no longer combine to cover both disciples as in the past.

This membership is $45 and is upgradable (just need to pay the upgrade fee)


Should you have any questions regarding the limited membership, please contact


Kevin Kmetz- - 402-483-7551 x20


We would like to inform our members that USARS has reinstated the Single Event Membership for Figure Skating and Speed Skating for a fee of $25.  This membership will be upgradable, if members wish to upgrade to a limited or full membership, they would just need to pay the upgrade fee. 

Single event memberships will only be available through our online membership registration system. When purchasing the Single Event Membership online, please be aware that the membership will expire 5 days from the date of purchase.

RSportz is currently setting up this option online and it has not gone live yet, so we will be accepting paper applications until it is live.  Should you need a single event paper application or have any questions regarding the membership, please contact

Brent Benson at - 402-483-7551 x13


Kevin Kmetz - 402-483-7551 x20

Updated 12/19/2017