Meet Director Certification

The Vegas Judges/Coaches conference produced its first “Certified” Figure Meet Directors under the new rules.  A four hour seminar was conducted on the first day, with current directors with years of experience to new directors eager to be certified and run a contest.  The open discussion and review of the Figure Meet Director Manual, was informative as the Meet Director for the 2008 Figure Nationals Ed Harney, clarified the necessity for this formalized program and emphasized the need to promote and recruit new directors.  The responsibility of the Meet Director is to see that competitions are conducted fairly, correctly and with a minimum of distraction.  They enforce rules, maintain order and crown champions.  The new classifications of Figure Meet Director is intended to partner with the existing commitment and dedication of our current officials and to standardize the procedures of meet direction, at the same time help promote and train others on officiating at all levels, from figure stewards to Chief Referees.

New classifications of Figure Meet Director are MD“A” for Invitational, State, Regional, and National competitions, and MD“B” for local, interclub, or exhibition contests and have been created for all contests starting with the 2009 season.  If you missed the seminar, you may apply on-line with the National office and they will send a Meet Director Manual and test directly to you.  The test has two sections, a listing of experience in various aspects of meet officiating and an “open book” questionnaire.  Simply review the Figure Meet Director Manual, General rules, and Figure rules, fill out the test and send back to the office.  The experience section and test scores will be tabulated and results sent back shortly.  If you have contests coming up for this 2009 season, get your application in right away in order to have the proper certification, prior to your contest date.

The current Speed and Hockey Meet Director classifications remain unchanged and you must attend either a Speed or Hockey Meet Director’s Seminar to obtain certification in those disciplines.