Star Patch Program

Star Patch Program is ideal for the casual skater who wants to learn more about the sport of choice, but is not ready for the demands of structured lessons or competition.  Skaters need not belong to USA Roller Skating to participate in this beginner's program.

The Star Patch Program is a step-by-step approach to teaching progressive skills to beginning skaters.  It gives you the framework to design an effective and profitable class structure in your facility.

For example, a youngster might be presented with the Merit patch at the end of an eight-week beginner program.  Another skater might earn the One Star patch for learning to do forward scissorsacross the floor.  A Two Star patch may be earned by a hockey player who can dribble 20 feet without looking at the ball.  A Three Star patch may be given to a skater who can race three laps in a pack.

The final patch given is the Four Star patch.  The idea is to reinforce participation on the easiest level and build a foundation for further learning.

Talk to your local rink owner about starting a Star Patch Program.

For more information, please contact, USA Roller Sports at (402) 483-7551.