USA Roller Sports

June 5, 2020
Statement on Issuing of Sanctions and the Return to Competition

With the United States of America returning to business operations and the new normal, it is important to understand that USA Roller Sports (USARS) continues to maintain the primary goal to once again have skaters up on wheels and in competition across all sport disciplines.

But with that goal, now more than ever, comes a new level of responsibility toward safety that must be achieved before sanctioned competition is able to resume.    As such, the sanctioning process for meets/events must meet 2 key standards prior to a sanction being issued by the National Headquarters.

First, all currently held sanctions still on the schedule for this season, and all future sanctions will be required to go through a “Risk Assessment”, via phone conversation review with the National Headquarters.   In this Risk Assessment, the event sanction applicant will answer a series of questions specific to their venue, locality guidelines, and event specific details.    At the completion of the review, a score of Green, Yellow, Orange, Red or Dark Red will be determined.    Scores in Green and Yellow will be granted a sanction and able to move forward as planned with the event/meet.    Scores that fall in the Orange, Red or Dark Red categories will have to re-access their plan and take corrective action that will move the Risk Assessment score to Green or Yellow before a sanction will be issued and honored by the National Headquarters.    The anticipated amount of time needed to complete the Risk Assessment review is 10-15 minutes.  

It must also be noted, that should new developments occur between when the Risk Assessment originally occurs and when the event/meet is scheduled to be held, such as a new virus outbreak for example that could alter state or local requirements.   Then, USA Roller Sports reserves the right to withdraw the sanction.

To assist in this process, sanction applicants should contact the Sport Operations Director, Brent Benson or Executive Director, Eric Steele to set a time to conduct the Risk Assessment Review.    

In addition to the general return to competition and practice guidelines issued by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, each of the USARS Sport Specific Committees have begun the process to determine how each sport may need to address or create guidelines unique to their discipline.

And while there is hope that this new process is only a temporary measure, the reality is that the timeline on the Risk Assessment Review process being in effect for the organization, currently is indefinite.     This action was approved via the USA Roller Sports Executive Committee on June 1, 2020.

Second, all new event/meet sanctions must also adhere to the new Athlete Safety Guidelines on page 27, of the new Athlete Safety Guide.   Within these guidelines come specific standards to meet the US Center for SafeSport’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) and required post-event reporting to the National Headquarters.     This action was approved via the USA Roller Sports Board of Directors on May 2, 2020.

Obviously, these 2 areas are significant adjustments to the new normal, but they are adjustments that must occur in order to maintain the safety of all involved as we move USA Roller Sports forward through the rest of this season and seasons ahead.   We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate in reaching back to the National Headquarters directly.

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