Name: Wyatt Gile
Sport: Roller Sports
Discipline(s): Rink Hockey Roller Sports
DOB: 6/29/2002
Birthplace: Olympia, Wash.
Hometown: Olympia, Wash.
High School: Tumwater High School
Team/Club: Washington Warriors
Coach(es): Shane Enlow
Began Skating: 2011

Occupation: Student

Employer: Cheri Lewis

High School: Tumwater High School

High School Graduation: 2020

High School Location: Tumwater Washington

Life Goals: Work in the Sports Medicine field

Skating Goals: Play for the Mens USA team

Favorite Sports Figure: Pedro Gil

Favorite Food Before Competition: Cheese Burger

Favorite Movie: Grown Ups 2

Favorite Place To Shop: Zumiez

Favorite Competition Music: All

Favorite Posession: Skates

Hobbies: Skating

One Word To Describe You: Calm

What Makes You Unique: I enjoy putting others before myself

Father: Mat Gile

Mother: Danielle Mayo

Brothers: Ethan Gile, Walker Gile