Tanner Worley

Personal highlights

I have been on the USA Team 2013-2016 

Hometown Wichita, KS coached by Joe cotter

Started skating at age 9

Skate for Joe Cotter Team United

Sponsored by Luigino Doug and Julie glass


Have been on the world Team for 3 years 
First in Germany in 2014
First in 3 pistas  in 2014
Won 8 out of 9 races at trials 2013
Won 6 out of 9 in 2014
First medal in world class men indoor nationals bronze
Have lots of nationals title indoor and outdoor

Other sports I do: play basketball (varsity)
Run cross(varsity)

Win medals in 2014 world championship
Be an Olympian
Be an  Olympic gold medalist

Life goal: to be successful and always stay true to god

career goal
To get into politics go to college, be a lawyer and by the time I am 35 be the President of United States