Name: Shya Saylor
DOB: 9/26/2001
Birthplace: Long Beach, Calif.
Hometown: Issaquah, Wash.
Team/Club: Auburn Speed Team
Coach(es): Darin Pattison, Miguel Jose, Laura Sweers, Jeremy Anderson,
Personal: 2nd overall in Midget Girls Long Track Age Group Nationals (2016)...2nd overall in Midget Girls Long Track Age Group Nationals (2016)
Began Skating: In 2009

Sponsor: National Speedskating Circuit (NSC)

Occupation: Student

High School: Keystone High School

Career Goals: Veterinarian/Veterinary Surgeon

Skating Goals: World/Olympic Champion 

Favorite Sports Figure: Gabrielle Douglas

Favorite Food Before Competition: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Favorite Movie: The Gabby Douglas Story 

Favorite Place To Shop: H&M

Favorite Competition Music: Rap 

Favorite Posession: My Phone

Hobbies: Gaming

Who Do You Admire / Greatest Influence: My Brother Brian; he has taught me to persevere through whatever life throws at me.

Father: Barry Saylor

Mother: Cynthia Saylor

Brothers: Nicholas and Brian Saylor

Sisters: Mariesa Saylor