Name: Serena Narada Glover
DOB: 12/10/2002
Birthplace: St Petersburg, Fla.
Hometown: Spring Hill, Fla.
High School: FLVAC
Team/Club: Team Florida
Coach(es): Brenda Wrona
Other Career Highlights
  • I am a multi time overall Elite National Champion, and 30 plus time National Gold medal placement Champion. At 14, I qualified for Team US as first sprinter. I am proud to say, "I will be 14 years old skating World's.
Began Skating: 2010

Sponsor: Simmons Racing

Occupation: Professional Speed Skater

Employer: Glover Racing Sports

Other Sports: Swimming, Biking

Awards Outside Of Skating: Honor Roll

Life Goals: To become a successful Actress

Career Goals: To gain a lot of World titles on inline before converting to Long or short track ice 

Skating Goals: To place at worlds at 14 years old. I want to become the best female speed skater in US history I want lots of World and Pan Am Gold medals  Becoming an Olympic Champion on ice or inline is the ultimate goal.

Favorite Sports Figure: Serena Williams

Favorite Food Before Competition: Pasta

Favorite Movie: The Nun

Favorite Place To Shop: Any place in the Mall

Favorite Competition Music: R&B

Favorite Posession: Shopping and makeup

Hobbies: skateboarding

One Word To Describe You: Determined

What Makes You Unique: I feed off of negativity. I have the ability to turn negatives into positives.

Who Do You Admire Greatest Influence: My mom and dad! My mother is always the one to defend and protect. My dad doesn't let anything get in the way of his goals or plans. He stay a 100% focused!

Father: Lorenzo Glover

Mother: Brenda Glover

Brothers: Ayden Glover

Sisters: Nevaeh Glover

Family Members In Sports: Father competed in speed skating. Mother was a skater as well.