Name: Roman De La Torre
DOB: 6/15/1998
Birthplace: Santa Clara, Calif.
Hometown: Santa Clara, Calif.
High School: Evergreen Valley High School
College: San Jose State University
Team/Club: Norcal Jokers
Coach(es): Justin Freitas
Began Skating: 13

Occupation: Student

High School: Evergreen Valley High School

High School Graduation: 2015

High School Location: San Jose, CA

High School Sports: Inline Hockey

College: San Jose State University

College Graduation: 2019

Major: Microbiology

College Sports: Inline Hockey

Life Goals: To spread love, acceptance, and equality through what I do and say.

Career Goals: Receive a Doctor of Medicine degree and become a practicing doctor.

Skating Goals: To play for as long as I can have fun playing.

Favorite Sports Figure: Tomas Hertl

Favorite Food Before Competition: Grilled chicken

Favorite Movie: Get Out

Favorite Place To Shop: Amazon

Favorite Competition Music: My "random singles" playlist

Favorite Posession: My left-handed Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, playing sports like hockey and basketball, sleeping.

One Word To Describe You: Deliberate

What Makes You Unique: I do my best to seek peace between people and understand everyone's unique perspectives.

Father: Gabriel De La Torre

Mother: Deborah De La Torre

Sisters: Ariel De La Torre