Name: Rochelle Jubert
Sport: Roller Sports
Discipline(s): Roller Derby Roller Sports
DOB: 6/23/1998
Birthplace: Seattle, Wash.
Hometown: Portland, Ore.
High School: Corvallis High School

Derby Name: Jubert

Began Skating: February 2012

AAU Junior Roller Derby Olympics 2016--Gold Medalist

JRDA Junior Roller Derby World Cup 2015--Gold Medalist

High School: Corvallis High School

High School Graduation: 2016

High School Location: Corvallis, OR

Life Goals: To be fulfilled with whatever I'm doing.

Career Goals: To do something that I love and to reach a point where I am financially stable enough to go grocery shopping without always having to look at price tags.

Skating Goals: I hope to someday compete at the Division 1 WFTDA Championships, to represent Team USA at the 2017 World Roller Games, and to be able to look back on my skating career and think: "I gave it my all."

Favorite Food Before Competition: Crackers, bread, carrots & hummus, and mint chewing gum.

Favorite Movie: Mr. Holland's Opus

Favorite Place To Shop: Whole Foods

Favorite Competition Music: Earth, Wind, & Fire

Hobbies: Eating, doing puzzles, playing board games.

What Makes You Unique: I speak four languages, I have a unique style, and I'd like to think that I'm pretty friendly.