Name: Misty Greer
Sport: Roller Sports
Discipline(s): Roller Derby Roller Sports
DOB: 9/14/1971
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown: Fremont, Calif.
High School: North Kitsap High School
Team/Club: Silicon Valley Roller Girls , Misery Loves Company, Bay Area Black Widows
Other Career Highlights
  • Junior Olympics 2016 - Coach of SouthWest All Stars
  • 4 years with Rat City, Seattle - WFTDA
  • 7 years with Silicon Valley Roller Girls, California - WFTDA
  • 1 year with Bay Area Black Widows, - BANKED TRACK
  • 1 year with Antagonist, Seattle - USARS
  • 1 year Team California - WFTDA
  • 2016 Team USA - USARS
  • Have coached bootcamps in Holland, Germany, UK , Hawaii
  • Coach for Junior Roller Derby Association ( JRDA)
  • Coach for Team Greece at WFTDA World cup 2015 / 2017
Derby Name: Pia Mess

Began Skating: 12 years ago

Sponsor: Fast Girl Skates

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Employer: ServiceNow

High School: North Kitsap High School

High School Graduation: 1989

High School Location: Poulsbo, Washington

High School Sports: Soccer , Track, Swimming

Other High School Activities: Cheerleading

Life Goals: To be a positive role model for my children and young skaters around the world

Favorite Sports Figure: Marshawn Lynch - Seahawks

Favorite Food Before Competition: Swedish Fish Candy

Favorite Movie: The Outsiders , Napolean Dynamite

Favorite Competition Music: Hip Hop

Favorite Posession: my kids

Hobbies: traveling , cross training

One Word To DescribeYou: Funny

What Makes You Unique: I always put others first

Father: Steve Nicolet

Mother: Kathy O'Dell

Sisters: Nikki Gamrath

Children: Logan - 14, Zoe -12

Family Members In Sports: Logan competes in AAU basketball, Zoe is a gymnast