Name: Dianne Story
Sport: Roller Sports
Discipline(s): Roller Derby Roller Sports
DOB: 8/20/1994
Birthplace: Fort Carson, Colo.
Hometown: Olympia, Wash.
High School: River Ridge
College: Pierce Community College
Team/Club: Oly Rollers
Coach(es): Dani Lewis, Ec Wagnor
Other Career Highlights
  • Going to Nationals with Oly Rollers in 2015 to win first, and going to Nationals with Oly 2 in 2016 to win second.

Derby Name: Zombie HuntHer 

Began Skating: 2012

Sponsor: None, but always accepting

Occupation: Merchandiser at Safeway and Albertson's, and assistant manager at Spirit Halloween

Employer: RMSI, and Spirit Halloween

High School: River Ridge High School

High School Graduation: 2012

High School Location: Lacey, WA

High School Sports: Soccer, Track and Field, and bowling

Other High School Activities: Editor and chief of High school yearbook, manager of boys soccer team, main photographer for the yearbook.

College: Pierce community college

College Graduation: Currently enrolled

Major: Business degree in Sports management

College Sports: Played soccer for Evergreen state for one quarter.

Other College Activities: Just trying to make it to my morning volleyball class on time, and not fall asleep in my business law class

International Experience: Being captain of JBLM Bettie Brigade, of course being selected to skate for Team USA, and being able to play with the Oly Rollers.

Other Sports: Bowling, volleyball, soccer.

Awards Outside Of Skating: 2nd state team for Washington in Bowling, winning first in a zombie contest.

Life Goals: Pet all the cats in the world, and be in a Macklemore music video

Career Goals: Manage the Seattle sounders

Skating Goals: Hope to go to China with Team USA and take home the gold

Favorite Sports Figure: Kasey Keller

Favorite Food Before Competition: Turkey Jerky, and a yellow red bull

Favorite Movie: The original Ghostbusters

Favorite Place To Shop: Lakewood Costume shop

Favorite Competition Music: MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS, gets me pumped!

Favorite Posession: My phone, can't be without it.

Hobbies: Eating Tacos and watching Netflix, also getting to sleep more than 5 hours!

One Word To Describe You: Stubborn

What Makes You Unique: I don't always do things the traditional way, I love anything horror, and love disney too. I have a big heart especially for animals.

Who Do You Admire Greatest Influence: Probably my dad, he constantly supported me in everything I set my mind on doing, he also showed me how to be independent.

Father: Charles Story

Mother: Miriam

Family Members In Sports: My father competed in paintball completions and took 3rd in a tournament in Buffalo NY