Name: Crystal Roseborough
Sport: Roller Sports
Discipline(s): Figure Skating Roller Sports
DOB: 11/3/1991
Birthplace: San Bernardino, Calif.
Hometown: Corona, Calif.
High School: Cajon High
Team/Club: FVSC
Coach(es): Chris Baerg
Other Career Highlights
  • LA Roller Girls

Began Skating: Age 6

High School: Cajon High

High School Graduation: 2009

High School Location: San Bernardino

High School Sports: Cheer & Track

Career Goals: Create a career path for figure skaters to utilize their years of training and share their love and passion for the sport on every platform available, in turn bringing more awareness to the sport and growing the competitive disciplines.

Favorite Sports Figure: D Wade

Favorite Food Before Competition: Spaghetti or Jimmy Johns #12 Beach Club

Mother: Jane

Sisters: Jennifer, Jessica