Name: Caleb Wakefield
DOB: 1/17/1997
Birthplace: Tacoma, Wash.
Hometown: Enumclaw, Wash.
High School: Homeschool
College: Green River College
Team/Club: Auburn Speed
Coach(es): Laura Gustafson, Jay Ingram
World Championship Experience
  • Made team in 2015 and was able to travel and compete in Taiwan for the World Championships. I came out with a 10th place in the 10 thousand meter points race on road. Learned so much from this competition and am following my dream to medal at Worlds this year.
Other Career Highlights
  • There's so many, that I won't be able to name them all. However, this past World Team tryouts I started to fully believe in myself and was placing and winning in races I've never medaled or placed in before.

Began Skating: 2004

Sponsor: Great Lakes Cycle & Skate

Occupation: Student

High School: Home School

High School Graduation: 2016

International Experience: Placed in Germany a couple of times, 3rd overall in Belgium, 10th in points (Worlds 10k points), 2015/2016 placed in Pan American games and multiple other events.

Other Sports: Cycling

Life Goals: To follow my Savior Jesus Christ

Skating Goals: Medal at Worlds

Favorite Sports Figure: Russell Wilson

Favorite Food Before Competition: Pasta

Favorite Movie: Lord of The Rings (Extended Edition)

Favorite Place To Shop:

Favorite Music For Training and Competition: Today's Christian Alternative

Favorite Posession: Does my Family count?

Hobbies: Serving, Gaming, Working Out

One Word That Describes You: Caring

What Makes You Unique: Knowing that I can help change peoples lives by caring/loving them for who they are.

Who You Admire/ Greatest Influence: Jesus Christ! He's saved me from a life of sin and given me a new life with him.

Father: Edward Wakefield

Mother: Debbie Wakefield

Brother: Chris and Colin Wakefield

Family Members Sports: My brother Colin has tried out for team a couple of times and has gotten closer each time.