This is the latest version of the USA Racquetball’s Official Rulebook that went into effect on September 1, 2013 and covers all USAR sanctioned and non-sanctioned play in the USA. Also included are rule modifications for the IRT, LPRT, WOR, CPRT, NMRA, as well as for Wheelchair, Deaf, and Vision-impaired racquetball play. This current version contains no significant rule changes since those made to the last version which was dated October, 2014. You may notice a few wording changes made only to clarify the existing rule. No basic concepts were changed. Also, it is now dated with a “Last Updated Date” which appears on the cover and as part of the page number on each numbered page.

The procedures for proposing future changes to the USAR rules are described near the end of the Rulebook. See Policy and Procedure “E”. Please continue enjoying this fun, fast, and furious sport, but always “Play by the Rules”. To also download a PDF copy click the USAR rulebook link below.

• USAR Rulebook (Adobe PDF)

USAR Official Rules & Regulations of Racquetball - Table of Contents

1 - The Game
1.1 Types of Games
1.2 Description
1.3 Objective
1.4 Points and Outs
1.5 Match, Game, Tiebreaker

2 – Courts and Equipment
2.1 Court Specifications
2.2 Ball Specifications
2.3 Ball Selection
2.4 Racquet Specifications
2.5 Apparel

3 – Play Regulations
3.1 Serve
3.2 Start
3.3 Manner
3.4 Readiness
3.5 Delays
3.6 Drive Service Zones
3.7 Defective Serves
3.8 Dead-Ball Serves
3.9 Fault Serves
3.10 Out Serves
3.11 Return of Serve
3.12 Changes of Serve
3.13 Rallies
3.14 Replay Hinders
3.15 Penalty Hinders
3.16 Timeouts
3.17 Technical Fouls and Warnings

Various Rule Modifications

4 - Doubles
4.1 Doubles Team
4.2 Serve in Doubles
4.3 Fault Serve in Doubles
4.4 Out Serve in Doubles
4.5 Return in Doubles

5 - One Serve (U.S. Team Divisions at National Singles and Doubles Only)

6 - Multi-Bounce
6.1 Basic Return Rule
6.2 Blast Rule
6.3 Front Wall Lines
6.4 Games and Matches

7 - Outdoor Racquetball, World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR)
7.1 Court Specifications
7.2 Court Markings
7.3 Apparel
7.4 Play Regulations

8 - Wheelchair Racquetball
8.1 Changes to Standard Rules
8.2 Divisions
8.3 Rules
8.4 Multi-Bounce Rules

9 - Visually Impaired Racquetball
9.1 Eligibility
9.2 Return of Serve and Rallies
9.3 Blast Rule
9.4 Hinders

10 - Deaf Racquetball
10.1 Eligibility

NOTE: Changes to rules and regulations in Sections 1 through 10 must adhere to published rule change procedures. Remaining policy sections may be altered by vote of the USAR Board of Directors.

11 - Men’s Professional, International Racquetball Tour (IRT)
11.1 Game, Match
11.2 Appeals
11.3 Line Judges
11.4 Serves
11.5 Resuming Play
11.6 Readiness Rule
11.7 Court Hinders
11.8 Out-of-Court Ball
11.9 Carrying the Ball
11.10 Ball
11.11 After the Rally
11.12 Timeouts
11.13 Forfeit Time
11.14 Apparel

12 - Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT)
12.1 Game, Match
12.2 New Ball
12.3 Line Judges, Appeals
12.4 Serve
12.5 Timeouts
12.6 Hinders

13 - Classic Professional Racquetball Tour (CPRT)
13.1 Eligibility
13.2 Game, Match
13.3 Bonus Serve
13.4 Time
13.5 Appeals
13.6 Court Hinders

14 - National Masters Racquetball Association (NMRA)
14.1 Eligibility
14.2 Draws
14.3 Game, Match
14.4 Match Score
14.5 Order of Finish
14.6 Forfeits

Competition Policies & Procedures

A - Tournaments
A.1 Draws
A.2 Consolation Matches
A.3 Scheduling
A.4 Notice of Matches
A.5 Finishes
A.6 Round Robin Scoring
A.7 Court Assignments
A.8 Warm-up Times
A.9 Tournament Conduct
A.10 Spectator Conduct

B - Officiating
B.1 Tournament Management
B.2 Tournament Rules Committee
B.3 Referee Appointment and Removal
B.4 Rules Briefing
B.5 Referees
B.6 Line Judges
B.7 Appeals
B.8 Outcome of Appeals
B.9 Rule Interpretations

C - Eligibility & National Events
C.1 Eligibility
C.2 Waiver & Release
C.3 Recognized Divisions
C.4 Division Competition by Gender

D - Self-Officiating -– “How to Ref ‘Without’ a Ref”!
D.1 Score
D.2 During Rallies
D.3 Serve
D.4 Replay Hinders
D.5 Penalty Hinders
D.6 Disputes

E - Procedures
E.1 Rule Change Procedures
E.2 USAR National Rules Commissioner

Rulebook Index

The 2015 USAR Official Rules of Racquetball are copyrighted. All rights reserved. These rules may be downloaded and printed for reference. Copyright © 2015 USAR. For information about reprint please contact USA Racquetball.

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