USAR Scholarship Program

With Your Support the Scholarship Program Will Continue Long Into the Future

 USAR Racquetball College Scholarship

Join us in supporting the USA Racquetball Scholarship Program.  Together, we can help ensure that young players will be able to receive assistance with their educational pursuits from the racquetball family for years to come.

USA Racquetball is celebrating the 29th Anniversary of the Scholarship Program.  Please consider a gift of $25 or more to help young players reach their academic potential.

USAR Scholarship Applicants

Graduating high school seniors and college undergraduates can apply for competitive USA Racquetball scholarships each year. This year's deadline is January 1, 2019. Funding for the program is underwritten by USA Racquetball members, the National Masters Racquetball Association and the Women's Senior Masters Racquetball Association through tax deductible donations to the scholarship fund. Since the program's inception in 1990, more than 110 individuals have been awarded more than $65,000.

Applicants must be current USA Racquetball members at the time of applying for consideration of an award. All applications received by the above deadline are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of current members of the USA Racquetball Board of Directors. Annual awards are disbursed in the winter of the application year. You may download the application online or contact the USA Racquetball for more information.

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Please mail submissions to:
USA Racquetball
Attn: Scholarship
2812 W. Colorado Ave, Ste 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
or submit via email to:

2018 Recipients

A seven time USAR All American and multiple time Junior National Team Member, Dane Elkins is currently studying Engineering at Santa Monica College. "For all the changes I’ve experienced in life, racquetball has been the one place that has stayed the same. Yet in all of its steadiness, racquetball has also been a freedom of expression. I get to choose how I move around the courts, what shots I take and hopefully control how my opponent moves too. Racquetball has been my primary source in which I take ideas, thoughts and experiences into other parts of my life."

Kelly "Nick" Maeda is studying Interior Design at St. Louis Community College - Wildwood. "I play racquetball, beacuse I believe pressure is a privilege and that I can overcome any challenge. Racquetball has been life-saving."

Claire Lux began her racquetball career as a freshman in high school. She wants to study Biomedical Engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering. "Playing doubles has taught me to communicate better, but, more importantly, I have learned to work well with people who are different from me. Racquetball has taight me how to balance work and play; having a positive outlook, both on the court and in life, [change] your perspective and sets me on the road to success."

Having played racquetball for four years, Katy Moran and her partner Elyse Duffie won the 2017 High School Doubles Championship title. Katy intends to major in Mechanical Engineering. "The general friendliness and camaraderie of the racquetball community has inspired me to be a better sportsman and has brought me some of my closest friends."