USA Racquetball Ambassador Program

USA Racquetball has created an Ambassador Program targeted toward developing relationships with players in health clubs, fitness centers, schools and universities. The goal is to provide an avenue for passing information from USA Racquetball to the general racquetball public. An Ambassador is usually someone who is at the club 3-4 times per week and does not mind talking with people about the game of racquetball.

We have some additional information for you such as a short video to watch and an online form below you can submit with your name, email address and club/school information.

Watch the Ambassador Program Video

- Current USA Racquetball member
- Be an active player/representative of racquetball in your club
- Willing to talk about racquetball with anyone interested
- Willing to post informational flyers at the club (depending on club restrictions)
- Ability to send e-mails about USA Racquetball items to local players in your club
- Have a cell phone, laptop or portable device to register new eMembers
- Agree to be listed as a local club contact on a national database
- Inform USA Racquetball of any changes at location including addition/deletion of courts, change in ownership, etc

- Register (five) new eMembers per court in the first 60 days
- Average (one) new eMembers every month thereafter
 - Enter your name in the “Referred By” section

- Helping grow the sport you love
- Keeps you up-to-date with local and national racquetball news and programs
- Free entry into USA Racquetball Ambassador Party at the US Open (begins 2017)
- Entry into Quarterly Contests for eMembership sign-ups and earn FREE prizes!

I agree to participate in the USA Racquetball Ambassador Program and have read and understand the above requirements. I also understand I may be removed from this program if I have not met the above goals.