USAR Committees and Chairs

Collegiate Committee - Dan Whitley (Interim Chairperson, President, Board member)

This committee's primary function is to promote, develop, and instruct tournament caliber collegiate players throughout the United States. The Association develops the recreational player program at the collegiate level while concentrating on developing the competitive player.

**Election Committee - Cheryl Kirk (Chairperson, Secretary, Board member)

This committee is responsible for applying election procedures to maintain the fairness of all elections and the freedom of opportunity for candidates and voters alike. This committee is charged with soliciting candidates, verifying the resumes of those who apply to be candidates, and selecting the Board-approved slate for the Board of Directors.  The USAR Board Election Committee will be comprised of an appointed Committee Chair plus three active board members (one to be an Athlete Representative) -- all of whom must not be eligible for election or re-election in the next General Election.

**Executive/Ethics/Personnel Committee - Dan Whitley (Chairperson, President, Board member)

Per 501.0.B.2, the Executive Committee is empowered to act for the Board of Directors between meetings and shall transact business and administer the affairs of the Corporation and the Board of Directors. This committee is responsible for developing personnel plans and programs. The committee also reviews recommendations for annual salary increases, approves budget lines for such increases, and has input on structural reorganizations to increase productivity.

**Finance/Accounting Committee - Steve Czarnecki (Chairperson, Treasurer, Board member)

This committee oversees, validates, and approves and checks all of the financial operations and actions of the Association to include its budget, financial statements, annual audit, and fundraising activities. The Treasurer chairs this committee.

Hall of Fame/Awards Committee - Jim Hiser (Chairperson, Non-Board member)

This committee oversees the process by which the Association honors those men and women who have excelled at the competitive sport of racquetball on the court or made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of racquetball in the United States. Secondary objectives include assisting in the research necessary to develop and maintain a history of United States Racquetball and securing historical memorabilia. For annual awards, this committee is responsible for ensuring that qualified male and female nominees are identified for the numerous awards that the Corporation has developed, including the Athletes of the Year, Peggy Steding and Bud Muehleisen Age Group Athletes of the Year, Joe Sobek Contributor Award, John Halverson (Fair Play) Award, and President’s Award.

High School Committee - Dan Whitley (Chairperson, President, Board member)

This council determines policy and procedures to promote racquetball as a competitive high school sport. The committee may also assist in promoting and operating the annual National High School Tournament.

Junior Committee - Dan Whitley (Interim Chairperson, President, Board member)

This committee will determine policy and procedures to promote junior racquetball within state associations for all youths of high school age and below. The committee will also assist in the policy development, promotion, and operation of junior national events. The committee is responsible for furthering the growth of and participation in racquetball programs for players 18 years of age and under at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

**Legislative Committee - Cheryl Kirk (Board member, Chair)

This committee is responsible for ensuring that the Association operates within the bounds of all applicable laws and regulations. The committee reviews proposed changes to legislation and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding adoption or rejection. The Chair of this committee will also serve as the Sergeant at Arms for all Board of Directors meetings.

Marketing Committee - Mike Wedel (Executive Director)

Membership Committee - Terry Rogers (Chairperson, Board member)

This committee supports and distributes information on both recreational and competitive memberships to the public to aid in attracting new members to the Association. This committee also has cognizance over the rating and ranking systems used by the Corporation. The committee reviews these programs and reports on membership activities to the Board of Directors.

National Events Committee - Mike Wedel (Chairperson, Executive Director)

This committee is responsible for the strategy and creative thinking behind the decisions made regarding the growth and success of USA Racquetball's national tournament schedule through member outreach and the committee's expertise.

Referee Certification - Debbie Bryant (Co-Chairperson, Non-Board member), Lynn Stephens (Co-Chairperson, Non-Board member)

This committee is responsible for creating and administering referee certification tests and standards for Level 1 and Level 2 referee certification and renewal. The committee's qualified members administer on-site assessment for Level 2 certification at National Singles and Doubles. The committee makes recommendations to the National Board on how certified referees are recognized and compensated.

Revenue Generation/Fundraising Committee - Geoff Peters (Chairperson, Non-Board member)

This committee is charged with organizing, understanding, and coordinating all fundraising activities across the entire Association to ensure the non-statutory funding is maximized.  To accomplish this, the committee will work closely with the USA Racquetball staff to develop and design pragmatic and implementable programs to encourage donations from a broad spectrum of USA Racquetball members and sponsors.

** Rules Committee - Otto Dietrich (Chairperson, National Rules Commissioner, Non-Board member)

This standing committee reviews rule change proposals, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding them, and prepares the rulebook for publication. The committee also administers due process hearings for general membership issues when appealed beyond the state level within the guidelines presented by the Board in the By-Laws. The National Rules Commissioner chairs this Committee.

Scholarship Committee - Dan Whitley  (Chairperson, Board member)

This committee is charged with establishing and distributing eligibility data; accepting and reviewing applications from qualified applicants; making recommendations to the Board of Directors on all applications reviewed; distributing funds to approved scholarship recipients; and establishing procedures for increasing public awareness and raising funds for the scholarship program.     

**U.S. Team Committee - Larry Haemmerle (Chairperson, Non-Board member)

This committee reviews and makes recommendations concerning team procedures and protocol to the Board of Directors. The committee is also responsible for due process issues involving probation and dismissal from the U.S. National Racquetball Team, as well as reviewing and soliciting recipients for grant funds. The committee provides a structure for communication between athletes and coaches. Through continual evaluation, the committee's policies will reflect those of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Association as the sport evolves at the international level. The committee prepares announcements for coach and team leader positions, reviews applications, conducts interviews, and selects personnel for all US Team roles and positions.

Women’s Committee - Terry Rogers (Chairperson, Board member)

This committee is responsible for generating interest in the sport among women. The committee coordinates with state affiliates, program officials, and other organizations that share its emphasis, to provide timely and factual information about the state of women's racquetball in the U.S., encourage more activity by women in officiating and governance, plus take a pro-active role in the administration of programs that directly impact women in the sport.

WOR (World Outdoor Racquetball) Committee - Michelle De La Rosa (Co-Chair, Board member, Athlete Rep), Darold Key (Co-Chair, Non-Board member)

This committee is responsible for preserving the integrity of World Outdoor Racquetball. The WOR (Outdoor) Committee oversees all aspects of outdoor racquetball in support of events, directors, and members. Some of this committee's specific functions are to develop rules, promote outdoor racquetball, administer rankings, and assist WOR directors.