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Stay Involved with USA Racquetball

April 21, 2020, 12:12 p.m. (ET)

Dear USA Racquetball Family,

I hope this letter finds you well and safe. It’s been a few weeks since I last communicated with you about the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on our sport. These are trying times in so many ways for us all, but I remain optimistic that our world (and our sport) will thrive once again. Here's an update on USA Racquetball's status. If you might be in a position to do so, I'm asking for your support in one or more ways that I'll mention below as we weather the storm together.

While the national office remains closed to the public, the work to grow racquetball has not stopped. Indeed, we are all working from our temporary offices in our homes. As you would expect, the result of having had to cancel our remaining three national championships (Intercollegiates, Singles, and Juniors) is that we are now suffering a significant decline in revenue. Additionally, a serious loss comes with delays in membership renewals when expiring players assume they will not be competing in tournaments for a while. If you are able, here are three things you could do to support USA Racquetball:

  • Register for a tournament that has been scheduled or rescheduled for the summer/fall. Local tournaments and the associated new/renewed memberships not only support USAR but also provide rebates to your state association and the grassroots racquetball programs it supports. We know you are itching to get out and play! 
  • Renew your membership, regardless of its expiration date. Your renewal will begin automatically when your current membership expires. Remember, you can set up auto-renewal to take advantage of a modest savings. Click here to purchase a membership.
  • Purchase a gift membership for a racquetball buddy or a junior player to bring them into the fold and encourage their further awareness of and participation in this sport we love.  

Thank you for considering these ways to support USA Racquetball, the state associations, and our players. Please take care of yourselves and stay connected with us through social media.

We will see you soon!


Mike Wedel

Executive Director

P.S. If you have questions about your membership or would like to renew over the phone, please call Rachel Hyman, our Membership Coordinator, at 719-635-5396 ext. 3. She will be happy to hear from you!