The Response from Our Members

In the last issue of Racquetball, Jim Hiser and I requested assistance from our members regarding your thoughts on USA Racquetball’s performance and what changes you recommend. We wrote:

“… this is an ideal time to take a close look at USA Racquetball in terms of the value we provide to our sport, our members and our partners (the states, organizations, and manufacturers). “Input from our constituents is incredibly valuable -- as USA Racquetball members you are the subject matter experts on being served by the National Governing Body.”

You didn't let us down. A number of people responded, and the input was well-thought out, intelligent and heartfelt. Thanks to everyone who weighed in…it was all incredibly useful feedback. You provided your perspectives on the association, administration, rules, international relationships and competition, marketing, programming (especially junior and collegiate), events, court facilities, and much more.

Here’s one comment that resonated on a high level: “Review the mission statement!”

Clearly, this should be the key to everything we must accomplish now and in the future.

In business, when divergent interests begin to muddy the waters and the way becomes less clear, you always refer back to the mission:

Mission Statement -- USA Racquetball

USA Racquetball is the National Governing Body for the sport of racquetball, recognized by the United States Olympic Committee, and is committed to excellence and service to our members.

We provide the infrastructure and organization for racquetball.

We also provide competitive opportunities for members and enthusiasts through our coordination of racquetball organizations, development and administration of rules and programs, sanctioning of events and development of teams for international competition.

The Board of Directors takes its fiduciary responsibility to the members of USA Racquetball very seriously, and we have every intention of conducting business on your behalf honestly and in service to the mission. If divergent interests present roadblocks, we will endeavor to make the right choices for our most important constituents, the amateur players of the sport.

The next several months will keep the Board busy analyzing your input and making decisions on the future structure of the association. The pathway to keeping this sport healthy for future generations begins here, in 2012.

Last issue, we asked:

“What is our Brand? What are our values? How will we define success?”

Our Brand is amateur racquetball. Among our core values are open and honest communication and taking the high road to preserve this sport for now and the future.Strategies, goals and objectives must all cycle straight back to this one simple statement: Success will always be defined in how well USA Racquetball serves you, our members.

Cheryl Kirk