Name:              Sam Ruddock                                   


Hometown: Cleveland, OH


Current Residence: New York, NY


Birthdate:        4/30/1993                    Birthplace: Cleveland, OH


Height:                        6’0”               Weight: 162lbs


Current Coach: Janusz Peciak          


High School Attended: University School      Year of Graduation: 2011


Sports You Competed in While in High School:

Varsity Track (3 years)

Varsity Swimming (4 years)

Varsity Cross country (4 years)

College Attended:      Trinity College                                   Year of Graduation:2015

Major: Economics

Varsity swimmer at Trinity College



World Cup #4, 2016 Budapest

World Championships, 2016, Moscow 

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Russia

Hometown Newspaper: The Plain Dealer