Name: Rachel Coleman                         

Hometown (City, State):  Modesto, California

Current Residence (City, State):  Modesto, California

Birthdate: 19 May 1998     Birthplace (City, State): Saint Louis, Missouri

Height:     5ft 8in             Weight: 135lb

Current Coach:  

Fencing:      Delta Fencing Club:    Maja Djurisic and Zoran Djurisic 

Swimming:  Blue Tide Aquatics:     Victor Aguilar and Kurt Olson 

Equestrian:  Maxfield Equestrian:   Janelle Dunn 

Shooting:    Modesto Rifle Club:     Pete Camarena

Running:     Manchester Athletics


High School Attended with location:     

Beyer High School   Modesto, California         Year of Graduation:  2016

Sports You Competed in While in High School (include number of years):

Swimming:  4 Years


College Attended:                                          Year of Graduation:



MAJOR COMPETITION RESULTS (year, tournament, finishes):

     2013  Canadian National Championships:   Youth C   1 st

2014   Canadian National Championships:   Youth B   1st 

2015   Davis CA Regional Championships:   Youth A   1st + Junior  1st

2015  Pan American Cup:                         Junior      1st

2015  USA National Championships:          Junior      1st


Hobbies: Interior Design 

Open Water Swimming:  San Francisco Bay

Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics:

Paul Coleman: Father 

Track and Field:  Decathlon: Team Manitoba. 

Manitoba Provincial Champion  Canada  1981

Luge:  Team Canada   1984


Mary Coleman 


Twin Cities Marathon  1984


Something Unique Others May Not Know About You:  

I am a dual citizen of the USA and Canada.


Favorite Foods: Frozen Yogurt, Mexican Food, Peanut Butter


What Do You Eat for Pre-Competition?  

Oatmeal for breakfast and trail mix and fruit throughout the day.


Favorite Athlete:Samantha Murray  UK   Modern Pentathlon


Favorite Movie:  Jurassic Park


Favorite Music:  Coldplay, Milky Chance, Rihanna, KP

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Cuba


Please list your hometown media outlets 

(Newspapers, TV stations, Radio stations, Magazines, etc.):  

The Modesto Bee